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7 situations when you need to take your child to a paediatrician


A parent’s life is made livelier by a child, right? But what happens when the same child falls sick? Every parent is haunted by the same question- Should I take my child to a paediatrician or can he be treated at home?

Worry not. We have put together a simple guide that can help you answer the question and be at peace that you’ve made the right decision. Read on to find out about the situations when you must take your child to the doctor. 


Fever is a sign that something is wrong with your child’s health and his/her body is fighting off the problem. In most cases, fever resolves itself within a couple of days. However, based on the child’s age, you must look out for high temperatures and take him to the paediatrician if it goes beyond the given range.

Age of the ChildTemperature range
Below 3 monthsAbove 100.4°F
3 – 6 monthsAbove 102°F
Above 6 monthsAbove 103°F

You should also consider visiting a pediatrician if the fever lasts for more than 5 days or if the child is lethargic and has a complete loss of appetite. 

Breathing Trouble

Children might find it difficult to breathe if they have a simple blocked nose which can be treated easily at home with nasal drops. However, there are situations like severe wheezing, asthma or even allergy which can give rise to breathlessness. In these situations, the child definitely needs to be seen by a doctor. 

Increasing or Severe Persistent Pain

If your child is crying with pain for more than an hour and you don’t know the reason for it, it’s best to consult the doctor. Ear pain or pain due to a urinary infection can only be diagnosed by the doctor after the examination. 

Diarrhoea or vomiting

Keeping the child hydrated is the best way to keep your child safe if he/she has diarrhoea or vomiting. You can give the child an electrolyte solution. However, there are times when the child has both and loses too much fluid. Extreme dehydration can be dangerous for children. Take the child to the doctor if the diarrhoea or vomiting does not stop even after half a day.


Sudden electrical activity in the brain can cause a seizure. This can be a scary situation. However, you should know that a seizure is not painful for the child. So, try to calm yourself but rush the child to an emergency. 


Children have very sensitive skin. Even a mosquito bite can cause a red, angry-looking rash. Most rashes go away on their own after a couple of hours. Sometimes, the rash keeps worsening or starts itching or causes swelling. This is an indication that it needs to be treated by the doctor. 

Redness in eyes can be a sign of eye infection. Even in this case, a doctor should be consulted who can suggest the right eye drops for your child.


Children love exploring things. They chuckle with joy when they discover something interesting. But these explorations can also lead to accidents that can cause harm to the child. 

Your child needs to be seen by a doctor if the accident causes:

  • Electric shock
  • Deep cut which does not stop bleeding
  • Drowning  
  • Burns or smoke inhalation
  • Choking
  • Poisoning

So, keep in mind these 7 situations when you might need the help of a paediatrician. 

While we do hope that your child is always hale and hearty, in the case that you do need to consult a paediatrician, Ayu Health is the best place to take your child to. 

Ayu Health’s paediatricians come with years of experience, and have the best of facilities accessible to them at NABH certifiedAyu Health. They also have the power of technology available to them that enables online consultations and they can treat your child without even having to meet them in person. Ayu Health brings the best of healthcare and technology to make your child feel better, much quicker. 

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