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Are You Doing Enough for Your Family’s Health?

A healthy family
A Healthy and happy family

Every second Saturday of June (this time it was on 12 June) is a special day- it is celebrated as Family Health and Fitness Day. Of course, just dedicating a ‘day’ for it doesn’t make much of a difference. But what makes a difference is continuous effort, big or small, consistently over time. 

A family is healthy and happy only when all of its individual members are healthy. When one of them falls sick, it obviously affects all the members of the family. 

So, what makes a family, a family in the pink of health? Well, the simplest of things- good food, moving about and getting some exercise and being in a positive frame of mind. 

Here is how you can take care for your family health

  1. Food and nutrition

Paying attention to family health,Ayu Health conducted a contest to understand how much people actually know about nutrition. 

There were some interesting findings from the scores:

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The test to know who have good knowledge about nutrition

None of the women had a low score of 3 while 10% of the men had a score of 3. 

46.7% women scored 7 out of 8 while only 25% of the men had a score of 7 out of 8.

The test clearly shows that women have more knowledge about nutrition than men. 

What are the things you can do to have a nutritious intake for the whole family?

  1. Sit together and plan your meals for a whole week. When everyone has a say, it’s most probably going to work out. 
  2. Have a good mix of easy to make things, fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts and meat. 
  3. Also think of getting enough fluids. Include soups, fresh fruit juices etc 
  4. Eat your meals together! It’s the best time to catch up and make sure everyone eats on time. 
  5. Eating small portions of food is important. While planning your meals, plan for little snacky items as well!
  6. Taking inference from the test results given above, men can try to take more interest in the family diet and help in taking the family to the next level in terms of nutrition. 
  1. Be active as a family, exercise!

Being active doesn’t mean hitting the gym together. It means doing chores on your own, moving about throughout the day and also taking time out for workouts together. 

Here are somethings you can do as a family:

  1. Go for a walk or jog in the park together
  2. Cycling and swimming are fantastic workouts which a family can enjoy together
  3. Do simple chores like drying clothes, doing the dishes etc. These are excellent calorie burners as well
  4. Make sure that children are not in front of the TV or laptop for too long. Make schedules so that they are getting enough physical activity!
  5. Kids look up to their parents and mimic them. So, the more you get off your feet, stay away from screens and be more active, the more active your kids will be. Simple!
  1. Mental health is important too!

Well, just taking care of diet and exercising is not enough for the stressful times we are in. Children and adults are equally under pressure. 

What can you do as a family for better, positive mental health?

  1. Laugh as much as possible. Tell jokes, play pranks, whatever it takes everyone to have a good laugh!
  2. Share your stories, issues and situations with each other to relieve stress
  3. Group meditation is supposed to be far more effective than individual meditation sessions. Try to set at least 10 minutes every day to meditate together. 
  4. Encourage everyone to have hobbies like playing musical instruments, sports, reading books. 
  5. Keep your home clean and clutter-free. 

Practice these simple steps to have a happier, healthier family. 

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