Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ayu Health ensure good medical quality?

Our network of hospitals is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), India’s premier hospital accreditation system. Typically, only the best 1% of the hospitals in any city can qualify for it. In addition to this, a dedicated Clinical Excellence and Quality Assurance team routinely monitor the existing hospitals on 200+ healthcare parameters.

Our hospitals have the best-in-class infrastructure, advanced surgical procedures, medical staff, and clinical processes to ensure your well-being. Upon your visit to any of our hospitals, please feel free to ask our team to show you the latest certificate!

Who is Ayu Mitra, and how can he/she help me?

An Ayu Mitra is like your good friend at the hospital who will guide you throughout your healthcare journey.

From registration and lab tests to discharge formalities, our Ayu Mitras are well-trained to make you comfortable at the hospital.

He/She can help answer questions that you might fight difficult to ask the doctor or arrange for a follow-up consultation in case you need more clarity. If you aren’t satisfied with your first consultation, Ayu Mitra will assist you with more relevant specialists to consult till you're satisfied.

Our Ayu Mitras treat your health as a priority and do everything to make your hospital visit hassle-free!

Will Ayu Health accept an outstation patient?

Yes, we welcome patients from all geographies. Just contact us with all your details and give us a call at +91 636-610-0800 or visit our website, contact@ayu.health, to ask any questions that you have.

Which all health insurance does Ayu Health accept?

We accept all major insurance plans.

We have partnered with 50+ Insurance Service Providers & TPAs that can assist you financially with your treatment. If your policy allows for cashless treatments, our hospitals would also provide that.

We at Ayu Health believe your treatment should be the only thing on your mind. Hence we have introduced a cardless, No-cost EMI facility for easy financing options. Please contact our support or speak to your Ayu Mitra for more details.

What does Ayu Health's Fixed Price Package include?

We commit the price of your treatment even before you get admitted! We have a strict 'transparent price range' policy wherein we promise 100% Fixed Price Packages. No hidden charges, no surprises, and no “out-of-pocket” expenses for all surgical procedures.

This typically includes:

  • Hospital admission charges

  • Surgery charges, including surgeon fees, anesthetist fees, and OT charges

  • Standard pre-surgery pathology and radiology diagnostic tests

  • Hospital stay

  • Cost of drugs consumed during a stay at the hospital

  • Medicines at discharge

Typical exclusions:

  • Cost of transportation to and from the hospital

  • Room upgrades

  • Cost of implants

These will be informed to you beforehand.

To know more, contact our support center, call us at +91 636-610-0800, or visit our website, contact@ayu.health, to get all your concerns addressed.

Does Ayu Health provide any emergency surgical treatment?

Along with performing elective procedures, Ayu Health handles all types of medical emergencies too.

During an emergency, timing is critical. Even a few seconds are valuable. We offer 24 X 7 ambulance services that can get you to the nearest Ayu Health network hospital in the shortest time possible.

Does Ayu Health provide a second opinion for any medical condition?

Yes, you are welcome to request a second medical opinion from one of our experienced specialists for any illness.

Our doctors keep track of your pathology results, post-operative report (if you had surgery previously), discharge summary (if you had previously been hospitalized for the disease), current treatment, and medication regimen, and they will advise you on the necessary or new treatment course moving forward.

Please let your Ayu Mitra know about your concern, and they will assist you with it.

What kind of specialists can I expect to meet at Ayu Health?

Upon booking a consultation, our medical coordinators take note of your symptoms and assign you an expert Doctor most eligible to treat you based on the issues.

Our Doctors at Ayu Health are well experienced, with an average of 15+ years of medical experience in 50+ specialties, and come from well-known institutions.

Can I consult with an Ayu Health doctor online?

Yes, we provide online doctor consultations too! Patients can now contact us at +91 636-610-0800, and based on the symptoms, a doctor will be assigned for online video consultation anywhere, at any time, according to the available slots.

Our doctors provide the medications and diagnostics after a thorough consultation.

How do you ensure the quality of treatment when you visit Ayu Health?

We at Ayu Health make sure that we onboard only the top-notch hospitals that have a reputation for being the best in town with the latest technology, advanced procedures, and world-class facilities. The hospitals must undergo NABH accreditation and maintain the score during regular audits.

We have a huge network of over 140+ hospitals with 3000+ experienced specialists in over 50 specialties. At the hospital, you will meet an Ayu Mitra who will help you with your every need.

Ayu Health also audits the hospitals regularly on 200+ parameters to ensure the quality standards are maintained, keeping your healthcare as our utmost priority.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Email your query to  contact@ayu.health

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