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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Pediatrics Doctors are present in Bangalore?

There are 32 Pediatrics Doctors available in Bangalore.

Who are Pediatrics Doctors in Bangalore?

Pediatrics Doctors in Bangalore are Dr. R. Lakshmipathy, Dr. Sejal Shah, Dr. Sunilkumar Ganjamad, Dr. Shalini Rao, Dr. Mallikarjun Patil, Dr Kiran Jagularappa, Dr. Sunitha N, Dr Nirmal Raj, Dr. Vishwanath S Lokapur, DR. SAGAR SHARMA, Dr. Kritika Agarwal, Dr. Sowmya A. Nagarajan, Dr. Akshay Ballal, Dr. Praveen Kumar S, Dr.Ganesh Kamath, Dr. Srikanth K P, Dr. Bharath Kumar .C, Dr. Chinthan S Gubbari, Dr. Kosala Vijaya Reddy, Dr. Divyashree, Dr. Manjunath M N, Dr. Sudhir U, Dr Mamtha, Dr Avinash S, Dr C N Reddy, Dr. Anupama Ashok Kulkarni, Dr Anand Patil, Dr. Sharmila Nayak, Dr Shilpa Dinesh B.K, DR. PRASANNA NAIK, Dr. Ambika S Udupa & Dr Theodosia B J.

What is the average experience of Pediatrics doctors in Bangalore?

13 years is the average experience of Pediatrics doctors in Bangalore.

Are there any award-winning Pediatrics Doctors in Bangalore?

Dr. Mallikarjun Patil is awarded Presented a case report Titled “Recessive phenotypes of dominant diseases- insights from a fetal cohort” in IAMG Telemeeting-June-2020. Presented a paper titled “Deceptive Facies of common autosomal aneuploidies in Fetal life ” in 4th International Conference of Birth Defects and 5th National Conference of IAMG & Vellore (2018) Conducted Pediatric critical care workshop for nurses in state Pediatric critical care Conference held in Bagalkot June 2017. Organized CME on “Neonatal Emergencies” in BGS-Global Institute of Medical Sciences & Bangalore in 2015 Attended a Workshop on Mechanical Ventilation as a Faculty & held in AJIMS Mangalore-2014 Presented a paper titled “Dual Foreign bodies in Young Infant” in National Respiratory conference in Davangere-2008. Presented a scientific paper titled “Clinical Profile of Wilson Disease” in state pediatric conference held at Raichur-2003 Got “ANKEGOUDA AWARD” for best scientific paper presentation in State pediatric conference in 2003 at Raichur who is a Pediatrics Doctor in Bangalore. Dr Anand Patil is awarded Gold medallist – MD paediatrics examination (KIMS & KARAD) Best outgoing medical student MBBS (KIMS & HUBLI who is a Pediatrics Doctor in Bangalore. Dr Theodosia B J is awarded • Registered Medical Practitioner • Delegate in the National Conference-ACS MEDICON-2018 Participated in Surgical Workshop on suturing skills at Stanley Medical College & Chennai-2017 • • Attended HETICON on CKD ACSMCH & Chennai-2019 • Attended Excelsior-20 South Asia's Largest Medical Conference-2020 who is a Pediatrics Doctor in Bangalore.

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