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Everything You Need to Know About Yoga and Immunity!

yoga for immunity

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I’m sure you have come across videos, articles, posts etc with Yoga asanas that improve immunity. But, how does it actually happen? In this article, we’ll explore how Yoga works on your body and gives a boost to your immune system. Adding immune-boosting foods along with the regular practice of yoga can help you have good health.

Role of Yoga and Immunity in our daily life

  1. By fighting Stress

One of the most important effects of practicing Yoga is stress release. Through our day, we come across hundreds of situations which build stress within us. 

Stress is detrimental to the functioning of both our body and mind. So, when our body is stressed, it does not work to its full potential. Thus, our immune system does not function at the rate that it is supposed to. This leads to prolonged illnesses or the immune system kicking in late.

In these circumstances, the immune system gets further weakened. 

Yoga, as you know, consists of gentle movements. Add soothing music while practicing Yoga and it really calms your mind. 

If we look at it from a biological viewpoint, your muscles and organs get activated when you do yoga. This reduces the stress that makes your body not function that well. 

By exercising the muscles through Yoga, your body slowly gets back its original functioning as it should be. That’s it! Your immune system also starts functioning better. 

  1. By keeping our lymphatic system strong

One of the least talked about functioning in our body is the lymphatic system. This is the system that produces and releases white blood cells to fight infections and diseases. 

Our lymphatic system also produces plasma which carries the white blood cells across the body. 

However, the lymphatic system can carry the plasma only through movements of the organs and muscles. Hence, working on the parts of the body having the maximum number of lymph nodes is important to make sure you have strong immunity. 

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Yoga asanas can activate the lymphatic system and help in circulating white blood cells containing plasma across the body. This directly impacts your immunity and gives it a boost. 

  1. By helping remove toxins

Toxins! Somehow, the word itself indicates that it is something negative which causes harm to our body, doesn’t it? 

So, what are toxins exactly?

The food that we eat and the air that we breathe consist of many things that our body does not need. In fact, most of them are even harmful for the body. What does our body do with such substances? It simply excretes them. 

But here’s the catch! Your body can get rid of the toxins effectively when it is functioning in its ideal state. 

Doing yoga helps the body to circulate blood and make all the organs function better. The twists and turns that happen during yoga put your organs in a state because of which the toxins get squeezed out of your body. 

  1. By Correcting Posture

Posture and immunity, are they connected? Yes, they are! 

It might not seem likely, but there is a direct connection between falling sick and bad posture.

When you sit hunched up or even sit in the same place for a long time, you let your lungs operate only at 30% capacity. This means that your body is not getting as much oxygen that it actually can. The lesser the amount of oxygen, the slower your body will function and hence, it will react more slowly to disease. 

Yoga’s answer to this problem- Correct posture while practicing yoga and improving oxygen levels with deep breathing. 

The asanas help your body regain flexibility, strength and help it get back to its right posture. Immediately, your lungs start functioning better. In addition to this, when you perform yoga, you inhale and exhale more deeply activating your respiratory system to higher levels. 

This two-way action of yoga is the best thing for your body 

This video right here shows you some simple asanas that will definitely enhance your immunity if you do them regularly. 

Now, what are you waiting for, put down your yoga mat and get going!

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