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Do You Need to See a Dietician?


Food is a huge part of our lives. Be it a normal day, a special celebration or a festival, everything revolves around food. But do you realize that every meal you have is an opportunity. An opportunity to pack as many nutrients into it as possible.

Irrespective of where you are at in your life, young, growing, getting old, pregnant, or recovering from an illness, a dietician can help you in identifying what your body needs and how you can provide it through your diet. In this article, let’s explore what your dietician can help you with. And I’m sure this will convince you that you should consult a dietician if you haven’t seen one lately. 

1. Plan your meals

Often times, we have the same things for our meals over and over again. This is not good for our palette as we get bored. But, even nutrition-wise, different ingredients have different nutrients to keep our body functioning well. 

A dietician can plan your meals for you and give you sample charts that can help you bring lots of variety to your meals that are not just interesting but also healthy for you.

2. Healthier Snacking

The three large meals that we have are the biggest contributors of nutrients, right? Well, no. That’s not true. Even the smallest of snacks can be the most nutritious thing you eat in the day. 

A handful of different types of nuts, a smoothie made of whole grains like oats with chia seeds, fruits and nuts can be counted as a snack too. 

Sweet potato chips instead of regular packet chips, a glass of fruit lassi instead of sugary fruit juices – these are options that can strike you easily if you have a list of healthy snacks with you – made by your dietician. 

So, a dietician can help you identify what those healthier snacks are that can keep you full and also give you a lot of nutrition.

3. Moving to smaller meals made easy!

We know eating smaller meals, more frequently is what is good for our body’s digestion and metabolism. But, often, we don’t know how to plan this out.

A dietician first understands your lifestyle, how you and your family eat, what kind of food you like and how it can be improved. After that, the dietician gives you a plan which not only has the list of meals and snacks but also the time at which it has to be eaten. 

So, it becomes a lot easier to stick to timings and better food when you have a dietician’s chart with you. 

4. Meeting your health goals

All of us have health goals! We want to get fitter and healthier. That might mean losing weight or gaining immunity or keeping our organs functioning well. 

Most of the times, we know what we need to do but don’t know exactly how to go about it. For example, you might want to lower the amount of fried food your family eats but you don’t know exactly how you can achieve this. 

A discussion with your dietician can tell you exactly how you can meet your health goals and carve out a path for you. 

5. Simplify the complexities of nutrition

Riboflavin, antioxidants, folic acid, magnesium, carotenoids etc are great for your body. But it’s next to impossible for us normal people to keep in mind how much of each of these nutrients we need and how we can actually get them into our body.

A dietician can help you solve this puzzle by converting this into a simple diet chart having all the essential nutrients your body needs. This means you don’t need to bother about calculating how much of each you will get from each food type and in which form to consume it. Sounds good?

6. Making you a healthier version of yourself

Here are some conditions that your dietician can help you with:

  • If you are overweight: Your dietician can help you find healthier diet to lose weight
  • If you want to gain weight: Your dietician can help you introduce foods into your diet that can make you gain weight
  • If you are recovering from an illness: Your dietician can plan what your body needs and drive results to get you feeling better sooner
  • If you have lifestyle diseases: Diabetes, hypertension, kidney trouble, all of these are conditions that can be controlled easily if you have the right dietician who guides you and helps you with your cravings
  • If you are pregnant: Your body needs are different from normal circumstances. Your dietician can help you plan your meals keeping in mind the nutritional needs along with your likes, aversions, cravings etc
  • If you have picky eaters at home: Children and adults alike are picky eaters sometimes and we constantly run out of options to keep food healthy but to their liking. Your dietician can help you ace this challenge!

I’m sure you are now convinced that consulting a dietician can actually bring a lot of change to your life through a good diet. Ayu Health have qualified and experienced dieticians who can make a difference. Call 08069489584 to book an appointment. 

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