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What Doctor to Consult For Cough & Cold?

Cough & Cold

An itchy throat, a bothersome cough, and a lot of sneezing can make your day go a lot worse.

It’s not strange how we all become self-proclaimed physicians when treating common colds or coughs. 

Cough & Cold

But if the condition persists longer than usual, you know it’s time to ditch the home remedies and seek professional advice.

In this article, we’ll explore which doctors you should consult for cough and cold symptoms.

Doctors to Consult for Cough & Cold

Here are some specialists who can help diagnose and treat your cough and cold.

1. General Physician

We generally turn to a family doctor for common cough and cold symptoms. Physicians can offer more effective treatment options (like over-the-counter and prescription medications) that go beyond the temporary relief provided by home remedies (like lemon and honey).

2. Internal Medicine Specialist

An internal medicine specialist is a doctor who has the expertise in preventing, diagnosing, and treating adult diseases. In complex cases involving persistent cough and cold symptoms, internal medicine specialists can address underlying issues & offer effective treatment.

3. Pulmonologist


If your cough and cold symptoms arise from lung or respiratory issues, consulting a pulmonologist would be a better choice. They conduct pulmonary function tests, imaging scans, or a bronchoscopy and suggest treatment accordingly.

4. Otolaryngologist (ENT)

An otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) can be consulted if your cough and cold symptoms are associated with sinusitis, postnasal drip, or other related conditions.

When Should You Visit a Doctor for Cough & Cold?

Here are key indicators that signify the need to consult a doctor for expert evaluation and appropriate treatment.

1. Your Cough Does Not Go Away

Most cough and cold symptoms subside within 7–10 days. However, if you have a weakened immune system, asthma, or respiratory conditions, you may develop serious illness, such as bronchitis or pneumonia, which merits seeing a doctor.

So, if your cough and cold are persistent, it’s high time you see a doctor.

2. It is Painful to Swallow

Pain when swallowing isn’t a common cough and cold symptom. Although a sore throat may make swallowing painful, extreme pain may indicate an illness or damage that requires medical attention.

3. Your Congestion and Headache are Persistent

Colds and allergies can lead to excessive mucus accumulation in the nasal passages, which can increase the risk of developing a sinus infection. The buildup of mucus creates an ideal environment for bacteria or viruses to thrive, potentially causing inflammation and infection in the sinuses.

4. You’re Coughing up Blood

Blood in your cough or phlegm can be a sign of an infection in the respiratory tract or any other underlying disease. It must be addressed by a medical professional immediately.

Causes of Cough & Cold

Here are some common causes of cough and cold.

1. Viral Infections

Cough and cold are commonly caused by viruses like influenza. These viruses spread through respiratory droplets and cause symptoms such as cough, sneezing, nasal congestion, and sore throat.

2. Allergies 

Allergic reactions to substances like pollen, dust mites, pet dander, or certain foods can trigger cough-and-cold-like symptoms. These allergens irritate the respiratory system, leading to nasal congestion, sneezing, and a persistent cough.

3. Environmental Irritants

Exposure to environmental irritants like cigarette smoke, air pollution, strong odours, or chemicals can cause inflammation in the respiratory tract, hence contributing to cough and cold symptoms. 

4. Coughing Up Blood

The presence of blood in your cough or phlegm, also known as hemoptysis, can be a concerning symptom. If you have severe or prolonged coughing, it can cause irritation and inflammation in the respiratory tract, leading to subsequent blood in the cough or phlegm. 

Get Consultation from Doctors at Ayu Health

Here are some of our specialists who can treat your cough and cold:

  1. Our Best General Physicians
  2. Our Best Internal Medicine Specialists
  3. Our Best Pulmonologists
  4. Our Best ENT Specialists

Get the Best Cough & Cold Treatment at Ayu Health

If your cough and cold persist longer than usual, your best bet is to consult a certified healthcare professional.

Leave your health concerns like cold and cough to expert medical professionals at Ayu Health Network of Hospitals.

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We have a trusted team of medicine, internal medicine, pulmonology, and otolaryngology (ENT), dedicated to providing personalized care and effective treatment. 

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Which Doctor is Best for Dry Cough?

A pulmonologist or a general practitioner is the best doctor for dry cough. They can help diagnose and treat this condition depending on its severity and underlying causes.

Can an ENT Help with Chronic Cough?

Yes, an ENT can help with chronic cough. They identify and treat the potential causes of a chronic cough, particularly if related to throat or airway issues.

How Do I Know If My Cough is a Chest Infection?

You’ll know if your cough is a chest infection when it’s accompanied by chest pain, fever, phlegm production, and shortness of breath.






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