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What Doctor Should You Consult For Uric Acid Problems?

What Doctor Should You Consult For Uric Acid Problems

Having uncontrolled levels of uric acid can turn your daily life into a battleground. This compound is responsible for many ailments, like kidney stones, gout, and heart-related problems.

These conditions can seriously deteriorate your quality of life. Therefore, it’s vital to know where to get treatment should you experience ailments resulting from high uric acid levels.

In this article, we’ll explain the health risks of uric acid, what doctors to consult for uric acid management, and factors to consider when choosing a doctor.

What is Uric Acid?

Uric acid is a waste product formed when your body breaks down purines — substances found in certain foods and drinks. It normally dissolves into your bloodstream, travels through the kidneys, and exits the body in the form of urine.

However, if your body produces excessive uric acid or slows down its removal, your uric acid levels rise and lead to health issues like gout or kidney stones.

uric acid

What is the Normal Level of Uric Acid?

According to a report by the Times of India, the normal level of uric acid for women is 2.4–6.0 mg/dL and 3.4–7.0 mg/dL for men.

Studies show that your body’s level of uric acid depends on your age, sex, diet, and tobacco usage.

Health Risks of High Uric Acid

High uric acid levels in the body, medically termed hyperuricemia, can lead to the following health problems:

  • Gout: In this common problem, uric acid crystals accumulate in joints, causing painful inflammation. It tends to affect the big toe first.
  • Kidney stones: High uric acid concentrations can lead to kidney stones, which cause severe pain and potential kidney damage.
  • Kidney disease: Over time, high uric acid levels can contribute to kidney disease. If left untreated, they can eventually cause kidney failure.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: Studies suggest that hyperuricemia might increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. However, it’s unclear whether uric acid itself is the culprit or if it’s associated with other risk factors like obesity and diabetes.
  • Preeclampsia: In pregnant women, high uric acid levels could indicate preeclampsia — a serious condition that causes high blood pressure and potential damage to organs like the liver and kidneys.

Doctors Specializing in Uric Acid Management

Here are three types of doctors who treat high-uric-acid problems and the roles they play in your treatment.

1. General Physician

General physicians, also known as primary care physicians, are often the first doctors you consult when experiencing health issues. They can provide preliminary diagnosis and management of high uric acid levels. When necessary, they refer you to a specialized doctor, such as a rheumatologist or a nephrologist.

2. Rheumatologist

Rheumatologists diagnose and treat arthritis and diseases of the joints, muscles, and bones, including gout. Their understanding of gout’s complexities can help you manage uric acid-related issues.

3. Nephrologist

Nephrologists specialize in kidney health — a critical organ in uric acid management. As uric acid is primarily expelled via the kidneys, high uric acid levels can lead to kidney stones or even kidney disease. Nephrologists can expertly navigate these conditions, ensuring your kidneys remain functional and healthy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Doctor

Here are three factors to consider when choosing a doctor to treat uric acid problems:

  • Experience: A doctor who brings more experience to the table will be more equipped to treat your uric acid problem and find the niche treatment you deserve. We recommend selecting a doctor who has at least seven years of experience in his/her field.
  • Reputation: The doctor you choose should have a good reputation in their field — among his peers and patients alike. They should also be part of a well-reputed hospital and have positive reviews from their patients.
  • Compassion: In addition to being experienced and well-reputed, your doctor should be known for their empathy and compassion when diagnosing your ailments. They should listen to all your concerns patiently, be available when you need them, be honest in their approach, and answer your questions patiently.

Treat High Uric Acid Levels at Ayu Health

Treating high uric acid levels requires quality medical care and lifestyle changes.

If you’re someone looking to manage uric acid problems, we invite you to speak to one of our specialists at Ayu Health Network of Hospitals.

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Which Doctor is Best for High Uric Acid?

A rheumatologist or a nephrologist is the best doctor for treating high uric acid. Rheumatologists manage diseases like gout, while nephrologists specialize in kidney health, which is crucial for uric acid expulsion.

Which Specialist Treats Uric Acid Problems?

Rheumatologists, nephrologists, and general physicians treat high uric acid problems. These specialists can diagnose and manage conditions arising from high uric acid levels, with general physicians often being the first point of contact.

What is the Best Treatment for Uric Acid?

The best treatment for uric acid problems varies, but it can include lifestyle modifications, medication, and in severe cases, surgery. Also, treatment depends on individual health factors and the specific ailment caused by high uric acid levels.

Is High Uric Acid Curable?

Yes, high uric acid is curable. They can be managed and reduced with appropriate medical treatment and lifestyle changes.

Is High Uric Acid Permanent?

No, high uric acid is not permanent. Some people might be prone to high uric acid levels, but it can always be treated.

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What is the First Line of Treatment for Uric Acid Problems?

The first line of treatment for uric acid problems includes medication and lifestyle changes.








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