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What Doctor Should I Consult For Mouth Ulcers?

Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers aren’t something uncommon among the Indian population, and those affected by them experience pain and discomfort that can be easily mitigated.

If you happen to be one of those people, the first thing you need to know (other than home remedies) is where to get your mouth ulcer treated.

In this article, we’ll explain which doctors treat mouth ulcers, what causes them, ways you can treat them on your own, and more.

Doctors to Consult for Mouth Ulcer

Here are five doctors qualified to diagnose and treat mouth ulcers.

1. General Practitioner (GP)

A GP is normally the first doctor you’d visit to diagnose and treat your mouth ulcer.

They might diagnose the cause of your mouth ulcer as a result of poor hygiene, stress, or eating certain foods (like pineapple, lemon, and vinegar).

They might offer treatments like pain relievers, advise certain lifestyle changes, or refer you to a specialist for more serious symptoms.

2. Dentist

Dentists specialize in oral health and could potentially offer a better diagnosis and treatment for your mouth ulcer.

Part of a dental examination for mouth ulcers involves figuring out whether they come from dental-related trauma (like trauma from dentures or a sharp tooth or from oral infections).

They will advise you on appropriate oral hygiene practices to treat and prevent mouth ulcers.

In cases of severe, persistent ulcers, dentists might perform treatments like laser therapy or prescribe special gels, ointments, or mouthwashes or refer you to oral surgeons.

3. ENT

ENT (ears, nose, and throat) specialists deal with mouth infections, including ulcers, especially if they’re associated with viral infections like herpes. They can even diagnose and treat ulcers that go down the throat and down the oesophagus.

An ENT may provide medical treatment for ulcers, as well as advise on lifestyle changes for prolonged recovery.

In more complex cases, they may even perform surgery or coordinate with other specialists.

4. Oral Pathologist

An oral pathologist specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the mouth.

They examine mouth ulcers microscopically to find out if they’re signs of oral cancer, autoimmune diseases, or other problems.

They can perform surgery, prescribe medication and even refer you to other medical professionals for work beyond their scope.

5. Gastroenterologist

A gastroenterologist treats mouth ulcers related to gastrointestinal issues, like Crohn’s disease or celiac disease, which can result in oral lesions.

After confirming the diagnosis with necessary tests, they may prescribe dietary adjustments, medication or even procedures to manage the GI condition, hence, indirectly addressing the mouth ulcers.

What are the Causes of Mouth Ulcers?

Mouth Ulcers

Here are some of the common causes of mouth ulcers:

  • Injuries
  • Certain medications
  • Skin rashes in the mouth
  • Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Chemicals
  • Other medical conditions

When Should You See a Doctor?


You should see a doctor for mouth ulcers in the following situations:

  • If they don’t go away within a couple of weeks.
  • If they keep coming back.
  • If they grow bigger than usual.
  • If they occur near the back of the throat.
  • If they bleed and become too painful to bear.

How Can You Treat Mouth Ulcers?

You can treat mouth ulcers using over-the-counter creams, medications, ointments, and mouth rinses. Many of these contain ingredients like benzocaine (to numb pain) and hydrocortisone (to reduce inflammation).

You can also rinse your mouth with a warm saltwater solution (1/2 tsp of salt per cup of water) throughout the day to soothe the ulcer.

You should avoid spicy or acidic foods because these can irritate the ulcer, leading to more discomfort.

If your ulcer is large and persistent, seek medical attention by visiting one of the specialists mentioned above. They will most likely prescribe strong medication and suggest certain therapies and/or surgical intervention.

Tips to Choose the Right Doctor for Treating Mouth Ulcers

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right doctor for treating mouth ulcers:

  • Experience: You’re more likely to have better results from a doctor who’s more experienced in his field. We recommend at least 5–7 years of experience or more.
  • Reputation: The doctor should have a good reputation for being patient, understanding, and empathetic to their patient’s problems.
  • Trust Hospital: Your doctor should be a part of a trusted network of hospitals known for their dedication to patients.

Ulcer Treatment Doctors at Ayu Health

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While mouth ulcers aren’t fatal, it’s always good to double-check by visiting a trusted doctor.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a mouth ulcer, we invite you to consult our doctors at Ayu Health Network of Hospitals. 

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Does an ENT Treat Mouth Ulcers?

Yes, an ENT treats mouth ulcers. In addition to diagnosing ulcers, ENTs can also perform surgical procedures to treat ulcers.

What Happens if a Mouth Ulcer is Not Treated?

If a mouth ulcer is not treated, it tends to go away within 10–14 days. If ulcers don’t heal within this time frame, it could be a sign of mouth cancer.

What Antibiotic is Good for Mouth Ulcers?

Doxycycline is a good antibiotic for mouth ulcers. It can be taken in the form of mouthwash or pills.

Can Dentists Treat Mouth Ulcers?

Yes, dentists can treat mouth ulcers through medications like steroid sprays and tablets, painkilling gels, sprays, and pills. However, they can’t perform surgical procedures pertaining to ulcers, like oral lesion excisions.

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