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How to go about choosing the best hospital for your delivery?

best hospital for your delivery

Congratulations! You are pregnant and very soon, you are going to meet your baby. But.. you have a thousand questions crossing your mind. One of those important questions is- where am I going to deliver my baby?

This is a very important question and something that every pregnant woman needs to consider. Let’s get to know what factors you should consider before making this all-important decision. 

Factor 1: Does your doctor deliver there?

If you are visiting your gynaecologist at a birthing hospital, you don’t need to ask yourself this question. But, if you are visiting your doctor at a clinic, a health centre or a hospital which does not have a birthing centre, you need to ensure your doctor delivers in the hospital you are going to choose. So, ask your doctor for the list of hospitals which he/she is associated with, before making the decision.

Factor 2: Is the hospital in your vicinity?

Pregnancy is a delicate situation and you never know when you might actually need to go to the hospital. To avoid traffic delays and to ensure you get medical attention as soon as you need it, it’s a good idea to choose a hospital which is not too far from your home.

Factor 3: Which facilities are offered by the hospital?

Its nice to have convenience. If you choose a hospital having all facilities under one roof without you having to run around, now, that’s a smart choice. Ultrasounds, blood tests, pre-natal classes, nutritionist, these are some facilities you might need access to during your pregnancy. When you become a new mom, you will need a paediatrician and might need a lactation consultant, a physiotherapist, and a pharmacy or maybe a baby store too! Some hospitals also offer stem cell banking facilities. If you are keen on doing this for your child, you should consider a hospital which offers the stem cell banking option.

Factor 4: What about insurance and budget?

The hospital you choose should be able to help you avail yourself of your insurance plan. In addition to this, different hospitals have different birthing packages based on the choice of your room, facilities etc. It’s a good idea to consider your budget and insurance before making the decision. 

Factor 5: How good are the reviews and reputation of the hospital?

Access to the internet has made it possible for us to know the review of a place without even having to step into it. The same goes for hospitals as well! Read reviews written by other new moms and patients to know if the hospital’s claims are true. Read about how supportive the nursing staff are, how well the new moms were looked after, about hygiene and cleanliness and newborn care.

Make a list of hospitals after closely considering these five factors. Narrow the list down to 3 or 4. Take time and visit each of them. Ambience and reception by the staff make a big contribution to making you feel safe and comfortable. Whichever hospital you feel most positive and energetic in, choose that one. After all, you would want to bring in your baby into this world in a place where you feel most comfortable, right?

This article won’t be complete without a mention of birthing hospitals associated with Ayu Health. Apart from having the best doctors who come with years of experience, the hospitals have all the facilities you’ll need during your pregnancy and delivery. Ayu Health’s superb customer support will help you with all your requirements and guide you through the entire process. They also provide excellent support to help you with claiming your insurance plan. The best part is that, while other hospitals may have packages which are vague, Ayu Health have fixed birthing packages which are crystal clear on exactly how much the delivery will cost you. 

Ayu Health has also launched online consultations to make it easier for you to reach out to your doctor without having to actually travel to the hospital. Even booking appointments can be done online easily. 

If you choose Ayu Health for your delivery, your pregnancy and delivery experience will be smooth and comfortable. And that’s guaranteed.  

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