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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Gynaecology Doctors are present in Bangalore?

There are 39 Gynaecology Doctors available in Bangalore.

Who are Gynaecology Doctors in Bangalore?

Gynaecology Doctors in Bangalore are DR. GEETHA, DR. DAKSHAYANI, Dr. Shobha L, Dr. Meena Muthaiah, Dr. Ambuja B N, Dr. Rekha T.P, Dr. Vanajakshi Shivkumar, Dr. Rajanna S P, Dr. Mamatha Reddy Y V, Dr. Chandrika Anand, Dr. Rekha Prashanth, Dr. Rekha Prashanth, DR. BEENA JEYSINGH, Dr. S Anusha, Dr. Ambuja Govindaraj, Dr. Jhansi, Dr. Jyoti Kala, Dr. Sowmya Pavan, Dr Chethana N, Dr Pratibha P, Dr. Chaitra Gowda K N, Dr. Sandhya, Dr Bhanu BT, Dr Ananya R, Dr. Bhavana H J Reddy, Dr. Maya, Dr. Shwetha K, Dr. Sneha Santosh, Dr. Sahana. M, Dr Akhila C, Dr. Shubha Rao, Dr.Shilpa Menon, Dr Anitha Ashok, Dr Nethra H S, Dr. Mekhala Iyengar, Dr. Priyanka Singhal Jain, Dr. Tanvi Desai, Dr megha kulkarni & Dr. Geet Monappa.

What is the average experience of Gynaecology doctors in Bangalore?

16 years is the average experience of Gynaecology doctors in Bangalore.

Are there any award-winning Gynaecology Doctors in Bangalore?

Dr. Jyoti Kala is awarded Has over 14 years of experience in management of complex obstetric and gynecological cases and procedures. Has vast experience in conducting normal vaginal deliveries and high risk pregnancies & Cesarean delivery and Vaginal Birth after cesarean (VBAC). Was a trainer in Training of Trainers Programme on Continuum of Care for Postpartum Haemorrhage under Raksha project by Pathfinder International from September2009 to January 2010 at Udaipur & Rajasthan and trained paramedical and nursing staff from the peripheral hospitals for the same. who is a Gynaecology Doctor in Bangalore. Dr. Shwetha K is awarded Got 1st prize in Intradepartmental Quiz contest in 2011 in Ramaiah Attended many Conferences during Residential tenure Attended Urogynaec Conferences Conducted Safe Motherhood workshop in collaboration with Bsog in Sapthagiri in May 2014 Conducted SILS( Single incision laparoscopy surgery) at Sapthagiri institute in July 2014 Conducted Infertility Facts n Myths in collaboration and Participated as one of the Panelist with Bsog during in August 2015 Conducted Polemics in Obstetrics at API Bhavan with Bsog in Aug 2016 who is a Gynaecology Doctor in Bangalore. Dr. Sneha Santosh is awarded UG and PG teaching Presented and published various articles & case reports and posters in various National and international journals and conferences Speaker in institutional lectures and CME’s Conducted various CME’s & workshops at institutional level Won 1st prize in oncology workshop organised by Ministry of health and family welfare 2019 Written article in kannada newspaper who is a Gynaecology Doctor in Bangalore.

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Gynaecology is a medical specialty that focuses on female health concerns. An obstetrician-gynaecologist (OB-GYN) provides preventive services, diagnosis, and treatment for the most common to complex conditions related to the female reproductive system. The gynec specialists at Ayu Health Hospitals handle patients with high-risk pregnancies that include conditions such as gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, blood clotting issues, and premature labour.

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The world-class gynaecology and IVF facilities are available. All our hospitals provide advanced laparoscopic treatment options for various gynec problems. All our hospitals are NABH accredited and provide IVF, IUI, and surrogacy fertility options.

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