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How Ayu Health Ensures the Best Clinical Outcomes

How Ayu Health Ensures the Best Clinical Outcomes

The COVID pandemic has brought about a shift in the way we think about our health. We do our best to keep ourselves fit and really take care of our health. But, sometimes there are situations that rise which compel us to visit a hospital. 

When we step into a hospital, what do we look for? A compassionate doctor, good facilities along with a clean and hygienic environment. We agree, these are important. But, there are factors beyond these that ensure that the patient gets the best treatment and recovers quickly. 

These are factors that effect things like – Will a patient recover in 5 days or 15? Will someone need to be hospitalized for 2 days or can be discharged only after a week? 

Some of these factors include infection control measures, quality of training of the staff, the maintenance and quality of equipment being used and many more such important things that normal people like us are not aware of. 

Everybody wants to know the mileage or the crash rating of a car before we buy a car, but unfortunately don’t know what to look for when they go around identifying a hospital for a healthcare need.

What works in such a scenario is a trusted go-to brand, but India doesn’t have many of those in the hospital space yet. On top of it, healthcare is very subjective and outcomes are not published transparently.

Ayu Health has been relentless about removing subjectivity from patient outcomes by focussing on important clinical factors that contribute to the quick recovery of a patient.  Hence, its not surprising that there are more than 1,00,000 happy patients who have been successfully treated At Ayu Health. 

But, how is Ayu Health able to achieve this and what goes into delivering such high quality health experiences at such a scale?

Here are four things Ayu Health does to pursue clinical excellence for each patient and ensure the promise of quality healthcare is always delivered. 

Hospital Quality Above All

First things first, before we get to diagnoses, expert consults, quality of care, etc., Ayu Health lays a foundation for the highest quality standards.

All Ayu Health facilities go through a vigorous clinical quality audits before they are onboarded and the audits don’t end there. These same level of audit happens every three months to ensure the quality is maintained. These audits cover over 200 parameters, such as infection control, clinical staff quality and training, infrastructure readiness, etc.

These parameters may not be immediately discernible to patients, but they go a long way to ensure more positive patient outcomes.

Take quality infection control, for example. It’s not enough that our hospitals simply look clean. Ayu Health insists on monitoring culture reports of samples sourced from the staff and various surfaces to ensure there aren’t any lingering sources of contamination.

Complete Procedural Autonomy for Doctors

According to a 2012 release by the Press Information Bureau (Government of India), some doctors are more likely to prescribe drugs because of certain incentives, which led to a public outrage. And rightly so.

AtAyu Health, worrying about this won’t be a concern. Why? Because Ayu Health does not provide ANY incentives to doctors and healthcare providers are free to recommend any specific procedure or treatment over others.

The #1 priority atAyu Health is to make a clinical decision that’s best for the patients under their care.

Get Second Opinions Across the Network

Managing health issues can be a really stressful time for patients and their loved ones. During times like these, it’s easy to cast doubt on many things — from the doctor’s capabilities to even the validity of any tests or reports.

To ease such doubts or concerns, Ayu Health offers its patients access to a free second opinion across the 100+ hospital network, so they arrive at a satisfactory conclusion and are convinced with the direction of the treatment before hand. 

Evaluate Outcomes of All Procedures

A dedicated clinical excellence team at Ayu Health monitors all clinical outcomes after every single procedure. The team cross-verifies every single parameter and nips any discrepancies in the bud. If there are any, there is detailed assessment done for the in-patient files which is then rectified at the hospital level.

While the overall healthcare access across a larger community, such as a metropolitan city or even a country, requires a number of wheels and cogs to turn uniformly, the hospitals and facilities themselves have a responsibility to commit as many resources toward saving and improving human lives.

And atAyu Health, we strive to do just that. The health and happiness of our patients are our most valuable assets.

So is the quality of each hospital at Ayu Health which it regularly evaluates and rates. Next time you are at an Ayu Health centre, look out for the sign like this. Wish you good health always!

If you need additional resources or would like to speak with a professional, feel free to contact us right away at +91 636-610-0800 or book an appointment on our website. Our expert team is here to assist and support you every step of the way.

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