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Getting Plastic Surgery? Here’s your  Guide to a Smooth Recovery

Guide To Plastic Surgery Recovery

  • ALWAYS follow your post-op instructions  |
  • Avoid stress  |
  • Rest, but not too much  |
  • Avoid smoking before AND after  |
  • Get all the help you can

There are numerous articles and blogs online that can help you decide whether or not to have plastic surgery, or inform you as to which hospital is the best for getting plastic surgery, and how to find the perfect specialist for you.

What we don’t see discussed as often is what happens following the surgery: the recovery process.

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The best hospitals and surgeons in the world can only help you by minimising risks and giving you the best outcomes; however, your recovery is entirely up to you. 

Recovery is not just about going home, climbing into bed and staying there till you feel better. It’s a process. Along with adequate rest, you need to be supported with good nutrition, low levels of stress and some pampering. 

Listed below are a few things you need to keep in mind post your cosmetic surgery. ? 

ALWAYS follow your post-op instructions

Adhering to your surgeon’s post-operative instructions is a priority. These are essential for recovery and will assist you in obtaining the maximum positive surgical outcome possible. This includes avoiding exercising sooner than recommended or taking a drug on a “don’t take” list. 

Avoid stress 

The first 72 hours following surgery are crucial because the body is at its most vulnerable and recovery is at its most intensive stage. It’s critical to obtain plenty of rest in a relaxing setting during this time. Avoid stress and stressful situations since it can create an overabundance of the hormone cortisol, which can lead to more inflammation. 

Rest, but not too much 

After the procedure, sleep is beneficial — even necessary — but don’t overdo it. Many patients want to stay in bed shortly after surgery, which is recommended for the next 48 hours, but it’s also vital to go around the house a few times a day. This helps in boosting circulation, which aids wound healing and prevents blood clots.

Avoid smoking before AND after

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, smoking is one of the top causes of negative impact on the outcomes. The three key elements that determine the quality of a cosmetic treatment are symmetry, contour, and scars, and smoking has an adverse effect on all three. Toxins present in cigarettes interfere with the body’s capacity to heal properly following surgery, which means your cosmetic outcomes will most likely be poor. If it’s impossible to quit, try taking a break for a while before and after the procedure. 

Get all the help you can 

Cosmetic surgery is as serious and important as any other procedure. It is not to be taken lightly. Get all the help you can so you can give yourself enough time to heal and recover. This includes making arrangements for child care, pet care, housekeeping, and even getting a designated driver. 

And finally, make sure you are staying in touch with your plastic surgeon since questions and queries are bound to pop up during recovery. If you notice anything alarming, don’t wait until your next follow-up appointment; instead of stressing yourself out, call your doctor and get it cleared up.

That being said, the first step towards a safe procedure and excellent outcomes is to find an expert, board-certified plastic surgeon and a multispecialty hospital. What is the second step? Follow your surgeon’s recuperation instructions perfectly without fail. If you are looking for plastic surgery hospitals in Bangalore ?Ayu Health is here to help. We have experienced doctors,  up-to-date technology and quality care to give you the best treatment experience. Visit our website to book an appointment or call us at +91 – 6366 100 800 for a consultation.

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