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Nose Septoplasty Surgery: Tips For a Speedy Recovery  

nose septoplasty

Recovery from Septoplasty Surgery includes a long list of do’s and don’ts. There’s a complete list of post-operative instructions to follow to ensure a speedy recovery. Continue reading to know and understand them!

Septoplasty can be essential for an improved life for anyone who has a deviated nasal septum. But the full benefits of this procedure can only be experienced a couple of months after the septoplasty surgery. Though it’s performed on an outpatient basis with the patient being discharged the same day, the patient is often unable to figure out how to ensure minimum discomfort and pain after discharge. 

In this article, we will take you through the septoplasty recovery timeline, the recovery steps, and when to see a doctor for any symptoms that need immediate attention. 

Keep the Operated Area Clean

Avoid bathing through a shower head as it can get the bandages wet. Instead, bathe by filling water in a  bucket and only pouring water on your body. Be careful while washing your face and only use a damp cloth to clean the area around your nose and nostrils to remove any discharge. You are likely going to be instructed on how to change your bandages and if not, your surgeon will remove the bandages themselves when there’s a follow-up appointment. 

Rest is Crucial

Make sure to try and get at least a week off after your septoplasty surgery so you have enough time to rest and recover from septoplasty. The more time you take to rest, the faster the process of recovery of septoplasty. Even if you’re working from home or have a stationary job, it’s important to get adequate rest with reduced workload as stress is also a major factor that contributes to the recovery time. 

Avoid Hot and Spicy Foods

Hot and spicy foods can irritate your nose and sinuses slowing down the recovery process due to swelling and increased fluid build-up. In either case, the recovery of septoplasty is delayed as one of the main reasons for delay is any post-operative infection. Though chillies are rich in vitamin C that helps wound healing and prevents infections, the excess fluid that is released through the nose while eating spicy food can cause infections. Thus, it is better to stick to slightly bland foods, especially in the initial days post-surgery. 

Swap your Glasses with Contacts

A major issue comes if you are someone who constantly needs to wear spectacles for vision. The glasses are designed to rest exactly at the region where the cartilage ends and the bone begins, thus putting pressure or stress on your nose delaying the healing further. Especially during the intial days post nose septoplasty surgery, avoid any type of pressure on the bridge of your nose so that there is no malformation or additional growth due to the pressure. Contacts are a great alternative and take the pressure off the bridge of your nose. 

Stay Hydrated

Make sure to eat a lot of nutritious food that is rich in fibre, proteins and nutrients so you can accelerate the recovery of septoplasty. It’s better to stay away from foods that have a lot of fat and sugar that can further add to bowel problems requiring medication. 

Water is the best way to get rid of all the toxins and keep the swelling down. Staying hydrated keeps the body healthy and happy as well as promotes healing. It also helps to stay away from alcohol to avoid any reaction to your medication. 

Maintain Proper Head Position

It iss obvious that you would not be able to sleep on your belly during the first few days of your surgery. But even when you sleep on your back, it is important that you keep your head elevated in comparison to your body. This is an important aspect, especially in the first few days after surgery. If your head level is below your heart, blood will rush to your face causing your nose to swell and even bleed. You can elevate your head by using cushions while lying down to prevent swelling and nose bleeds. 

Avoid Strenuous Activities

If you want to reduce the septoplasty recovery timeline, avoid activities that might make you fall over like bending or playing any kind of sports. Bending will lead blood to rush to your upper boy, head which can cause the soft, healing tissue to rupture, while excerise increases the blood pressure and have the same impact on nasal tissue. For the first few days post surgery, make sure you avoid any activity that can strain your body or cause blood to rush to your head. Even after your initial rest period, you should continue to resist any kind of strenuous physical activity to avoid putting any pressure on the nasal area. If you wish to start exercising, always consult your doctor before you do. 

How long does it take to fully recover from Septoplasty?

As nose septoplasty surgery is an outpatient procedure and the septoplasty surgery duration is not that long, the patient can usually go home the same day of the operation. The main factor that affects the Septoplasty recovery timeline is the care post surgery. Initial swelling should subside post a week from the surgery while complete recovery may take upto 2 weeks. 

It is advised to avoid strenuous exercise or activity during the recovery timeline as it could take upto 4 weeks to completely recover in case of recurring injuries or stress to the nasal cavity. 

When should you go to the hospital?

If you experience any of the symptoms listed below, visit a doctor immediately:

– Severe Headache

– Stiffness in the neck

– Fever

– Continous nose bleeding that doesn’t stop even after 15 minutes

– Persistent nose discharge that extends beyond a week 
Above all, it’s most important to follow all the post-operative instructions provided by your doctor for a smooth recovery of Septoplasty surgery. If you’d like to know any additional information about the nose Septoplasty surgery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Ayu Health. We aim to give our patients the best possible treatment, care and advice in a thoroughly professional and caring environment. We have an expert oncologist with over 15 years of experience who delivers seamless care to patients.

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