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C-section vs normal delivery – What are the factors that determine the choice?

Pregnancy is a period when women are not only undergoing hormonal changes drastically but are also struck by a tsunami of emotions, questions, and worries. One such primary concern that every expecting mother has is around the delivery process – normal v/s C-section.

A woman can choose C-section delivery if she wishes to opt for it

A baby enters the world either by natural delivery or through caesarian section. However, the ultimate goal of both techniques is to have a safe birth of the baby without a single risk to the mother.  

If you are expecting or you are planning to start a family, here’s what you need to know about c-sections and natural delivery.

Differences between normal delivery and C-section?

Let’s understand their procedures and recovery process to understand the difference that helps expecting mothers to make a choice.

The procedure: Normal vs C-section

During natural or vaginal birth, expecting mothers experience labour pain that may last for 12-14 hours or more, especially for first-time mothers, whereas the next deliveries take less time. Dilation of the cervix begins accompanied by uterine contractions causing severe pain to the mother, and eventually, the baby is pushed by the mother.

However, in the c-section, the process takes an hour to two varying from case to case wherein the doctor makes an incision and pulls out the baby. You don’t feel much pain, unlike natural delivery. All you feel is a tugging sensation and a little pressure while the baby is pulled out. 

Recovery: Normal vs C-section

Similar to the procedure, the healing processes also vary from case to case, and it is difficult to give an exact number for recovery. In the case of natural delivery, the hospital stay is usually 24-48 hours depending on the postpartum side effects that include soreness, vaginal bleeding, cramping, swelling, and more.

However, in the case of a c-section, the side effects are relatively more severe, and it may take 3-4 days to get discharged from the hospital. Also, doctors prescribe you some medication to curb the pain and recommend more bed rest. The pain lingers for a while, and it takes a month or six weeks to resume a normal lifestyle.

Reasons for choosing C-section or normal delivery

Depending on the conditions, some mothers have planned c-sections while some have to undergo emergency c-section after entering labour pain. Natural birth can be planned as well, but if any complication arises, the doctors plan an immediate operation for the baby-mother duo to be safe.

Here’s the list of advantages and disadvantages of both procedures that will help you to make a selection.

Cesarean section:

  • Pros
    • C-section allows you to decide when to have delivery and you don’t have to undergo severe pain while delivering the baby.
    • It lowers the risk of depriving the baby of adequate oxygen levels while giving birth or any other risk to the baby.
    • It lowers the risk of sexual dysfunction and incontinence after the birth of the baby.
    • It reduces the trauma that a baby suffers during passage through the birth canal.
    • C-section is proven to be successful for couples having multiple births like twins or when the mother is housing a medical condition like diabetes, HIV, etc.
    • Also, if your baby is not in the right position, c-section helps you deliver the baby safely. 
  • Cons
    • C-section often gives rise to severe maternal complications like excessive bleeding, infections of the uterine lining, injury to the bladder, and bowel during surgery, and many more.
    • The recovery period is often more extended than natural delivery and requires more precautions.

Normal delivery:

  • Pros
    • Natural delivery does not need an extended hospital stay and the recovery is faster as compared to c-section.
    • There are not severe postpartum side effects, unlike the c-section surgical risks. 
  • Cons
    • During the vaginal delivery, risks related to severe tearing and stretching prevails, causing weakness or injury to pelvic muscles.
    • Your baby may suffer a fall in oxygen level due to longer stay in the birth canal, increasing the trauma. 
    • Also, the risk that while the fetus moves out, the tissues and skin around the vagina can get torn or more stretched.
    • Women have to undergo severe labour pain for longer hours. 

Which is a better option?

Depending on the conditions of both mother and child, the doctor suggests the optimal procedure for delivery. Mothers do get a choice to choose from, but the ultimate decision is made once you go into labour.

If everything goes normal, then natural delivery is an option, but if you fear the pain or any complication arises, it’s best to choose c-section.

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