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Bone Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments 

bone cancer

Bone cancer is often misdiagnosed because the most common symptom – pain – is mistakenly attributed to an injury or exhaustion. But fret not, our intention isn’t to alarm you, but to raise awareness. Knowing the general symptoms of bone cancer, as well as its causes and treatment, will help you gain a thorough understanding of what goes on within your body. It will also help you have a detailed conversation with your primary care physician about your condition and find answers to questions like “ is bone cancer treatable and how is it managed?”.

In this regard, let’s talk about the symptoms of bone cancer, and how it’s diagnosed and treated, among other matters, to increase your awareness about this rare, yet dreadful affliction.

Let’s start with a basic understanding of bone cancer.

What is bone cancer? 

It is a rather uncommon type of cancer that develops when cells in the bone marrow grow out of control. There are two types of bone cancer: primary bone cancer and secondary (metastasized) bone cancer.

Primary bone cancer/sarcoma starts in the bone. This type of cancer is further classified into two: bone sarcoma and soft tissue sarcoma. 

Bone sarcoma: 

  • Osteosarcoma: Cancer that usually develops in growing bones
  • Chondrosarcoma: Cancer of the cartilage cells
  • Ewing sarcoma: Cancer that can develop in any bone
  • Chordoma: Cancer of tissue found inside the spine

Soft tissue sarcoma includes all types of cancer that develop in tissues that support, connect, surround and protect the organs of the body. This includes fat, muscles, nerves, fibrous tissue, tendons, ligaments, etc. 

Secondary bone cancer/Osteoporosis develops elsewhere and spreads to the bone. The most commonly affected bones are the skull, ribs, pelvis, spine, humerus (arms) and femur (legs).

Each type of cancer shows different symptoms but there are a few common ones that you can look for and discuss with your doctor. 

Signs and symptoms of bone cancer 

The most prevalent sign is pain. Other common symptoms include ? 

  • Tenderness 
  • Swelling 
  • Reduced mobility near the affected area 
  • Weak bones that easily break 

If you suspect any of these symptoms, speak to your doctor or book an appointment with the best oncology surgeons atAyu Health. 

Bone cancer diagnosis and treatment 

When there’s suspicion of bone cancer your doctor might order any of the following tests to confirm the diagnosis of the type of cancer. 

  • Biopsy
  • Blood tests
  • Imaging tests
  • Bone scan
  • CAT scan
  • MRI 
  • X-rays 

Your treatment options, as well as whether or not your bone cancer is treatable, are influenced by the type of cancer you have, its stage, your overall health, and your lifestyle preferences.

Some common bone cancer treatment options include:

  • Surgery 
  • Cryosurgery 
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Radiation therapy 

If you have any questions about your treatment or the terms your healthcare providers are using, don’t hesitate. Ask questions and address all your concerns as and when required. 

If you’re worried about what this would all cost you, fret not, bone cancer treatment cost in India is covered by several health insurance schemes. Healthcare facilities like Ayu Health have partnered with over 100 health insurance providers across India to provide quick cashless services for all treatments. For more information call us at +91 08069489584 or book an appointment.

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