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Myeloma Awareness Week: A Time to Reflect, Learn, and Empower

Myeloma Awareness Week

According to a 16-year analysis (1990–2016) on the mortality rates of cancer, 1/1,00,000 people in India develop myeloma.

This cancer disrupts the delicate balance of plasma cells in the bone marrow as it rapidly multiplies and displaces healthy blood cells.

We can increase awareness of myeloma by gaining a better understanding of what causes this disease and the treatment options available to overcome it.

What is Myeloma?

What is Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is cancer that damages plasma cells (B-cells), which are essential for fighting infection in our immune system.

Common symptoms of myeloma include bone pain, fatigue, frequent infections, weakness, and weight loss.

As the disease progresses, it can contribute to kidney problems, bone damage, and anaemia.

Myeloma Symptoms

The following are typical symptoms of multiple myeloma:

  • Chest or spine pain
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mental fogginess or confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent infections
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness or numbness in your legs
  • Excessive thirst

Multiple Myeloma Causes

The precise cause of unusual plasma cell myeloma is unknown. 

Environmental factors combined with genetic predispositions may lead to the symptoms of myeloma. People must undergo regular monitoring and early identification for effective management of multiple myeloma.

How Myeloma Affects the Body

Here are some ways myeloma can affect the body.

1. Abnormal Plasma Cells

An overabundance of aberrant plasma cells in the bone marrow interferes with forming regular blood cells, resulting in anaemia, a weaker immune system, and increased susceptibility to infections.

2. Myeloma Cells

Myeloma cells can also create abnormal proteins known as monoclonal proteins or M proteins, which can affect kidney function and cause a variety of issues.

3. Overactivity of Cells

Overactivity of myeloma cells can weaken bones, rendering them prone to fractures and causing bone pain and skeletal abnormalities.

Myeloma cells can also impact other organs and tissues, including the liver, neurological system, and soft tissues, resulting in a variety of symptoms.

Myeloma Diagnosis

Myeloma diagnosis can be difficult due to the existence of unclear symptoms that might overlap with other illnesses, as well as the heterogeneity of symptoms across people.

However, several tests can help doctors make a correct diagnosis. These include blood and urine tests, bone marrow biopsies, imaging investigations, scans, X-rays, and genome sequencing.

These diagnostic techniques give critical information about the severity of the condition, allowing healthcare practitioners to make an accurate diagnosis and devise an effective treatment strategy.

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Several factors, including symptoms, age, overall health, staging, and other pertinent situations, impact prognosis.

Blood tests, bone marrow testing, urine tests, chromosomal analysis, and other prognostic markers give important information about the body’s status and assist in prognosis.

Treatment Options

While there is no cure for multiple myeloma, several therapy options can help manage the disease.

Your doctor will work with you to create a unique myeloma treatment plan that may involve stem cell transplants, pharmacological therapy, clinical trial participation, experimental therapies, and supportive care.

These treatments, which rely on the specifics of your illness and how it affects your body, are constantly changing as a result of ongoing research into highly promising new medications.

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