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5 Must-Do Exercises For Women

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Carefree, lively, beautiful, strong and confident – list of things you aspire to be? Of course, you can be all of these, and more! 

The first step though, is to keep yourself fit and healthy. Beginning your day right with exercises goes a long way in ensuring fit and healthy living. I know, its hard to be a morning person and even if you are, you might feel like there are a ton of things to get through before the day really begins. Long-term adaptation to exercises improves overall health and aids in maintaining a healthy body free from various diseases associated with lifestyle.

My advice- Stop. Take a deep breath and say to yourself- I’m going to give myself some time to exercise and get charged for the day. 

Exercises for a healthy living

So, this women’s day, let me share a few exercises that will make you feel super powerful. Practising these exercises regularly can make your body fit and flexible.

  1. Stretches
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Start slow. Gently stretch each part of your body. Your body will thank you for doing that. It’ll make your blood gush to each of the parts you’re stretching out and get that blood circulation going. 

The muscles which might be tight because you had a hectic yesterday or because you didn’t sleep well will all loosen up and make you feel alive!

Remember to breathe with every stretch. Your body needs the oxygen. 

  1. Squats
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Squats help you tone and strengthen the muscles in your lower body. You need your lower body i.e., your legs, glutes and hips to be strong so that you breeze through those daily tasks of walking, climbing stairs, lifting heavy things etc. 

The best thing about squats is that you don’t need any equipment to do it, nor do you need a specific time or a large amount of space. You can do it just where you are!

  1. Planks
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Trust me, it is easier to do than it looks, especially once you get the hang of how exactly you should do it. 

Now, your body is warmed up enough to do some hardcore. Planks make almost every big muscle in your body to work. It helps you to have a good posture, which is extremely important to avoid any sort of muscle pains. 

Planks also improve metabolism, flexibility and endurance. The more flexible you are, the lesser the chances of breaking bones as you age.

  1. Crunches

We Indian women most often, have a soft midsection and our abdominal muscles tend to be weak. Crunches work on our abdominal muscles toning and strengthening them. 

Doing different versions of crunches also improves your posture and builds endurance. This endurance is important to stay active throughout the day and get through your daily chores. 

Performing ab crunches even a few days in the week goes a long way to reduce belly fat and have a flatter midsection. 

  1. Breathe In, Breathe Out!
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This is one of the best ways to cool down after a great workout session.

Close your eyes and imagine you are in your dream place, feeling peaceful and relaxed. Take a deep breath in and then, breathe out. Extend your breathing out as much as possible. This helps you relax all the muscles you’ve used during the workout and brings you back to normal breathing. 

So, those are the 5 exercises you should do every day! Your morning will start on a high note and you’ll remain energetic throughout the day. Now, promise yourself you’ll stick to this routine and make yourself the best version of yours! ?

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