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April 17 is World Hemophilia Day, 2023


World Hemophilia Day is celebrated globally every year on the 17th of April. The call to action for the community on this day, 2023, is to collaborate and encourage the local policymakers and governments to enhance access to treatment and care for all the individuals having bleeding disorders. This World Hemophilia Day 2023, the emphasis will be on better management and prevention of bleeding disorders by implementing home-based and prophylactic treatment to help these individuals improve their quality of life. 

The focus of this year’s event on World Hemophilia Day is “Access for All: Prevention of bleeds as the global standard of care,” which builds on the previous year’s theme. 

This World Hemophilia Day 2023, let’s create awareness by learning more about Hemophilia

What is Hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a type of genetic disorder affecting the ability of the blood to clot. As a result of this, patients with hemophilia experience heavy bleeding without any reason or find it difficult to stop bleeding after suffering an injury or undergoing an operation. The blood consists of various clotting factors, which are proteins. These clotting factors play an essential role in stopping bleeding and causing coagulation. 

Types of Hemophilia

There are typically three different types of hemophilia. They are, 

  1. Hemophilia A: This type of hemophilia occurs when the body lacks enough clotting factor VIII. It is also one of the most common types of Hemophilia. 
  2. Hemophilia B: This type of hemophilia occurs when the body lacks enough clotting factor IX.
  3. Hemophilia C: This is a very rare type of hemophilia that occurs when the body lacks enough clotting factor XI.

What are the symptoms of Hemophilia?

The various symptoms of hemophilia include the following, 

  • Excessive and unusual bleeding due to injuries or after an operation 
  • Bleeding from the nose for no reason 
  • Various deep and large bruises 
  • Unusual bleeding after a dental procedure 
  • Joint pain due to internal bleeding 
  • Bleeding into the brain 
  • Blood in the stools and urine 
  • Bleeding after getting vaccinated or any other injection 
  • Bleeding from the gums and mouth 

In children, the following symptoms of hemophilia may be seen 

  • Bleeding from the mouth after any minor injury 
  • Feeling excessively irritated
  • Hematomas
  • Swollen bumps or lumps on the head

How is Hemophilia diagnosed?

To diagnose a patient with hemophilia, the doctor will study the patient’s medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination. Upon noticing any symptoms indicating hemophilia, the doctor will prescribe the following medical tests,

  • Prothrombin time (PT) test
  • A complete blood count (CBC) test 
  • Specific clotting factor test 
  • Activated partial thromboplastin time test

How is hemophilia treated?

To treat hemophilia, clotting factor levels can be increased or replaced by giving the patient a therapy known as replacement therapy. This is usually necessary for those with severe hemophilia and includes administering either artificially created clotting factors or human plasma concentrates.

Patients with mild or moderate hemophilia could just need replacement treatment prior to surgery, and they might also be given medicine to stop blood clots from breaking. Through intravenous infusion, replacement factors are administered using donated blood that has been checked for illnesses, including hepatitis and HIV. Prophylactic factor infusions may be administered for those patients with severe hemophilia and recurrent bleeding episodes in order to stop bleeding.

Can hemophilia be prevented?

No, hemophilia is not preventable. However, through genetic testing, the patient may find out earlier if they or their children are at risk of passing hemophilia to their children or not. 

Living with hemophilia

Individuals with hemophilia may require ongoing medical care to stop bleeding, and they must exercise caution when taking certain drugs and engaging in certain activities. However, there are several strategies to control how hemophilia affects a person’s quality of life.

To minimize the risk of excessive bleeding and safeguard their joints, individuals with hemophilia can take several measures, such as

  • Avoiding sports that may cause injuries, such as football, cricket, hockey etc 
  • Avoiding participation in games such as wrestling or boxing 
  • Avoiding consuming certain medications such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and blood thinners 
  • Not driving motorcycles 
  • Managing their stress levels effectively 
  • Following and practicing a good dental hygiene routine 
  • Spreading awareness about the condition of hemophilia


Hemophilia is a type of genetic disorder that affects the ability of the blood to clot. People with hemophilia are more prone to experiencing easy and heavy bleeding upon even a minor injury. Hence, this World Hemophilia Day 2023, it is essential to spread the word about this condition. It is important to spread knowledge about the various symptoms of hemophilia among people and encourage them to get diagnosed if they are experiencing any similar symptoms. Living with hemophilia can be difficult. However, it is not impossible when the doctor’s instructions are followed properly.

At Ayu Health, we provide accurate diagnosis and treatment for hemophilia. Our team of highly skilled and experienced experts provides the best care to all our patients. At our network of hospitals, it is our goal to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment for all our patients for all conditions at a highly affordable cost. 

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