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What Doctor Should You Consult for Hair Loss Treatment?

What Doctor Should You Consult for Hair Loss Treatment

Reports claim that over 150 million Indians in their early 20s suffer from hair fall and balding. While not a fatal or physically painful condition, hair loss tends to psychologically affect the people who experience it.

And while several blogs and product sellers offer miraculous remedies to fix hair fall, the best treatment is always a medical-based approach — particularly one provided by a specialist.

In the article, we’ll look into which doctors you can consult for hair loss treatment, the causes of hair fall in men and women, and different treatment options your doctor might recommend for hair fall.

Hair Loss Treatment

Doctor to Consult for Hair Loss Problems

Here are four specialists you can consult for hair loss problems.

1. Dermatologists

A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in treating skin, hair, and nails.

They can diagnose hair loss through your medical history, scalp examinations, and even scalp biopsy or blood tests.

2. Trichologists

A trichologist is a hair and scalp specialist. Trichology is considered paramedical (not requiring a fully-qualified medical degree).

Trichologists examine your hair and scalp to look for the source of balding using special lenses and can recommend treatments based on the severity of your hair loss.

3. Endocrinologists

An endocrinologist is a medical practitioner who specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders in the endocrine glands (glands that produce various hormones).

They diagnose and treat hormone-related hair problems. Imbalances of certain hormones — like testosterone and estrogen — can result in thinning of hair follicles.

4. Plastic Surgeon

Since hair transplants are considered plastic surgery, they’re performed by plastic surgeons. This surgery (which can also be done by a dermatologist) involves removing small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts from the back of the head and relocating them to the thinning areas.

Causes of Hair Loss in Men & Women

Here are some of the most causes of hair fall in men:

  • Hereditary
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medications
  • Radiation therapy
  • Stress
  • Hair-styling treatments

Common causes of hair fall in women include the following:

  • Certain hairstyles (like tight braids, ponytails, and braids)
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Dietary problems
  • Overprocessed scalp hair

When Should You Visit a Doctor for Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Treatment

You should visit a doctor for hair loss when you notice early signs of balding (like a receding hairline and hair fall when combing or shampooing). The sooner you see a doctor for hair fall, the faster you can manage it.

What to Expect From Your Hair Loss Doctor

Here’s what you can expect from the following hair loss doctors.

1. Dermatologist

Dermatologists can treat your hair loss by prescribing topical or oral medications, advising remedies and lifestyle changes, and even surgical procedures (like hair transplant) based on the severity or cause of your hair loss.

2. Trichologist

Since trichologists are not physicians, they can’t prescribe medications to treat hair loss.

They will recommend topical solutions or even perform laser treatment to stimulate healthy hair growth. They can also refer you to other highly-trained medical professionals for treatment beyond their scope. 

3. Endocrinologist

Endocrinologists can provide you with treatments that can restore hormone balance, which can resolve hair loss problems.

In addition to advising lifestyle changes for better hormonal health, they can prescribe specific medications that can balance your testosterone and estrogen levels.

4. Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeons treat your hair fall with highly-precise hair transplant procedures. They will also advise you on what medications to take and lifestyle choices to make post-transplant.

How to Choose the Best Doctor for Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair Loss Treatment

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a doctor for hair loss treatment:

  • Experience: Choose a doctor who has at least seven years of experience dealing with hair loss. More years of experience treating hair loss means a higher chance of successful treatment for you.
  • Trust: With a lot of “snake-oil salesmen” who promise quick-fix remedies, you should find out if your doctor has successful testimonials of helping people with hair loss through proper, side-effect-free treatments.
  • Patience: Since hair loss can cause many people emotional distress, you should select a doctor who will patiently listen to your concerns and provide compassionate care.

List of Ayu Health Hair Fall Specialists

Here’s a list of some of Ayu Health’s top hair treatment specialists:

  1. Dermatologists
    1. Dr Manjunath K G
    2. Dr Shymol Kuriakose
    3. Dr Deepa K
  2. Endocrinologists
    1. Dr Viajaya Sarathi H A
    2. Dr Dhananjay M S
    3. Dr Jasmeet Kaur
  3. Plastic Surgeons

Get Quality Hair Loss Treatment at Ayu Health

With hair loss becoming more common among both men and women today, you deserve to know the facts and get the best treatment.

At Ayu Health Network of hospitals, our hair treatment specialists offer you the most transparent, high-quality hair treatment backed by years of experience.

We invite you to visit our website to learn more or call us at +91 91 6366-100-800 to book an appointment.


Which Type of Doctor is Best for Hair Fall?

A dermatologist is the best doctor for hair fall.

Can a General Physician Treat Hair Loss?

No, a general physician cannot treat hair loss. However, they can prescribe certain topical medications and advise you on lifestyle changes to keep your hair healthy.

Should I Go to a Dermatologist for Hair Loss Treatment?

Yes, you should go to a dermatologist for hair loss treatment. They should be your first choice when it comes to finding a cure for hair loss.

Which Doctor to Consult for Hair Loss in Females?

A dermatologist is the best doctor to consult for hair loss in females. If the problem is hormonal, an endocrinologist is also a good choice.

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