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Understanding Ayu Health’s Fixed Price Surgery promise

About Ayu Health

Ayu Health is a network of high quality hospitals focused on providing high quality healthcare for all. Ayu Health’s proprietary technology allows hospitals to serve patients at lower costs, provide a better experience, and maintain high medical quality standards. All Ayu Health are accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH).

With state of the art infrastructure, high-quality medical services, and a unique fixed price policy for all surgical procedures, Ayu Health is making healthcare available to all at affordable prices.

Now let us understand how this fixed price policy makes Ayu Health unique from other medical institutions.

Why Fixed- price promise?

A report by Economic Times quotes that 92% of the Indian population have lost their faith in medical institutions. The causes that have led people in mistrusting India’s healthcare system are the lack of transparency, medical inflation, frequent failures and negligence.

A report by live mint, shows people in India spend more from their pocket as compared to other countries.

Image showing how much India spends out-of-pocket expenses for the treatment. Ayu Health assures fixed price packages with transparency.

At Ayu Health, we also spent a lot of time speaking with patients and realized that one of the biggest concerns (which also often makes people postpone critical surgeries) is the lack of clarity on pricing. There have been many occasions where people have gotten admitted to hospitals with a certain expectation on price, only to unfortunately find a bill much higher than that!

Having realized the need to drive transparency in pricing, Ayu Health offer fixed price packages for all surgical packages. Let’s go into a little bit more detail to understand what this means.

What is the Fixed-price promise?

Let’s start off with an example – Ravi Sharma, age 55, got admitted in an emergency due to severe pain in the abdomen area and because of a urine problem. He got admitted to the nearby hospital, and was diagnosed with an infection that required a basic surgical process requiring a hospital stay was 3-4 days. Ravi got himself treated and was cured fully. But, what left him surprised and dismayed was the medical bill he received on his discharge – almost Rs. 20,000 more than the estimated amount communicated earlier. Unfortunately, such surprises at the time of discharge are all too familiar.

Fixed price packages aim to solve this basic problem. Once the patient has consulted with the doctor and diagnosis is completed, the patient is offered the option to undergo a surgery (if needed) at a fixed price. The fixed price covers ALL expenses for the patient, starting from the moment the patient enters the hospital until discharge. Any exclusions are clearly communicated. Exclusions are typically optional services like room upgrades, dietician support, etc.

To understand what comprises of a fixed price package, let’s go through the key constituents in detail

  • Hospital Admission / Registration Charge

This is a one time fee charged at the time of admission. Some hospitals charge this over and above the surgery fees.

  • Pre-surgery tests

Any tests carried out after admission are covered under the fixed price package. Examples of this include pre-anaesthetic check(PAC), complete blood count(CBC), electrocardiogram(ECG) and others depending on the patient’s disease.

  • Hospital stay beyond standard duration

Instead of the usual process of charging the patient by the number of days of stay in the hospital, fixed price packages are designed at a procedure level. So, if you end up staying for 7 days because of some complication instead of the original expectation of 4 days after a knee replacement surgery, don’t worry, the price will still not change.

Only in extreme cases where stay goes beyond the normal range, will a patient be charged more. Even if this happens, clear communication is given beforehand itself.

  • Operation Theater Charges

These are charges that might be levied for the use of an operation theater. Irrespective of what OT is used, the prices are covered under the Fixed Price Package.

  • Surgery Charges (including surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees, nursing staff, etc.)

The fixed price package covers the fees for all professionals involved in a surgery. Our packages are fixed at the hospital level and do not usually change with a change in the doctor carrying out the procedure.

  • Zero additional charges at the time of discharge

Our fixed price promise is a guarantee we cannot hinder, and therefore we promise that you will never see an extra charge at the time of bill beyond what’s communicated. There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES in the fixed price package, we promise!

Here’s a summary of what an Ayu Health Fixed Price Package covers, as opposed to what you might usually see at other hospitals.

Features covered under Fixed Price PolicyAyu HealthOther Hospitals
Hospital Admission / Registration ChargeYesNo
Operation Theater ChargesYesYes
Surgery Charges (includes surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees)YesYes
All pre-surgery testsYesNo
Hospital Stay beyond standard durationYesNo
Drugs consumed during the hospital stayYesYes
Zero additional charges at the time of discharge100% guaranteedNo guarantee

Choose Ayu Health

Ayu Health is a network of high-quality hospitals catering to various specialties ranging from general surgery to orthopaedics, cardiology to oncology. With expertise in several medical fields, our hospitals provide high-quality medical services 24×7. 

All of Ayu Health are accredited by NABH, India’s leading hospital and healthcare provider accreditation authority. Ayu Health have leading doctors across all fields and we embrace the most advanced surgical procedures.

Ayu Health offers a 100% Fixed Price Package for all surgeries.

To know more, or to book a consultation with a doctor, please visit http://www.ayu.health or call us on 08069489584. We have an expert oncologist with over 15 years of experience who delivers seamless care to patients.

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