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Why You Should Not Ignore Persistent Back Pain?

persistent back pain

Around the globe, 1 person in every eight suffers from a lower back pain problem, which may or may not be something to stress about. 

A little soreness or pain here and there is very common and usually requires no medical consultation. But the problem arises when patients suffer from persistent lower back pain and ignore the symptoms their body shows. 

Patients must not ignore the back if it prevails more than 7 days, then you should definitely consult a specialist.

Types of back pain should not be ignored

There are several different types of back pain that people suffer from and whose manageability and treatment vary from person to person. Back pain commonly found in people is often not taken very seriously.

There are cases where ignorance may lead to considerable damage. So, the patients suffering from lower back pain accompanied by other symptoms as well must not ignore and immediately set an appointment with a specialist doctor.


Below are a few types of back pain that should not be neglected

Back pain, along with numbness & tingling

The feeling or sensation of pins and needles along with the lower back is reported by many patients. Usually, this symptom indicates the existence of a serious problem related to nerves in the affected area of the back and neck. 

Prolonged pain, along with numbness, can occur due to several reasons, including herniated disc or sciatica to spinal stenosis. To avoid getting the condition worse, one must immediately consult the doctor and get rid of the persistent back pain problem. 

Back pain with upper abdomen pain

Lower back pain accompanied by pain in the sides and upper abdomen refers to “Flank pain”. This pain is worth worrying and not ignoring as it may mark the presence of any kidney problem. 

The right flank pain is a signal for getting your body examined for a lung problem and left flank pain for the pancreas. So, the only right thing to go for is a consultation with the specialist and resolve the issue.

Pain with loss of bladder control

Back pain followed by the loss of function in the bladder or bowels need close attention to be paid. The severity of the pain can lead to incontinence due to compression of nerves in the spine. Ultimately, this affects the functioning of organs controlling the bladder and bowel. 

Any inappropriate feeling in the bladder and bowel, along with lower back pain needs an immediate consultation of a doctor. The doctors you need to concern if you feel the above symptoms are an orthopaedic specialist, a urologist and a geriatrician.

Back pain with fever

Any patient suffering from back pain and has a temperature as well must not ignore and go for a medical checkup. Such symptoms usually prevail when the body is housing some infection or virus. 

Don’t wait to make room for chronic health and spine problems. So, set up an appointment with the specialist before your condition deteriorates.

Upper back pain near the neck

Lower back pain, along with neck pain is the most common and persistent type of back disorder that patients suffer. This sign is alarming as it may due to some spinal cord disorder that needs to be urgently resolved. The spinal cord is the direct extension of the brain, so try to consult the doctor as soon as possible. Try to consult a family physician, neurosurgeon, orthopaedists, and spine surgeons for curing the problem. 

Dangers of ignoring back pain

  • Extensive damage to nerves: Spine protects your entire nervous system, and whenever back pain occurs, the spinal nerves send pain waves out. Compression of the nerves for six weeks or more can lead to damage of the spine and ultimately disruption of the nervous system.
  • Damage of organs: Persistent lower back pain accompanied by other symptoms like fever, abdomen pain can have a direct impact on the organs. If the infection is not dealt on time, it may worsen the situation and damage the organs like kidney, bladder and lungs.
  • Slipped disc issues: Persistent back pain can cause a critically detrimental impact on your health. You can suffer from herniated or slipped discs and ignoring this can permanently damage your nerves and spine, cutting off the nerve impulses to the lower back and leg areas.
  • Decreased quality of life: According to the National Centre of Biotechnology Information(NCBI), one of every ten adults suffer from chronic back pain issues. This automatically affects the lifestyle causing depression, difficulty in performing daily hampering the mental and physical health both.

Treatments and tips for back pain

  • Good posture: Slouching often causes several back problems, and it may worsen the case if you are already suffering from back pain issues. To avoid this, sit in up-straight posture and avoid sitting for longer hours. Try to short walks and do exercise to keep yourself fit and fine.
  • Consult with a doctor: Don’t avoid the persistent pain or try out unproven home remedies. Delaying or ignoring back pain may lead to lasting issues, so it’s better to consult a doctor to avoid any organ damage, especially the spine.

Seeing the condition and severity of back pain, the doctor may suggest you take either medications or suitable treatment.

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Overweight and obesity often affect your back and cause severe back problems by putting a strain on the muscles. Always maintain optimal body weight for avoiding any stress on the back that ultimately affects the spine. 
  • Physiotherapy and yoga: They are also helpful to cure the back pain but do consult a great physiotherapist and yoga trainer. Practicing simple exercises can provide instant relief to back pain.

For cases that need surgical intervention, one of the following is typically recommended by doctors:

  • Laminotomy:  The surgery is performed by removing a particular portion of the entire lamina (a part of the spinal cord). The treatment cures the back pain and strain on nerves along with the common symptoms.

The patient needs to stay for one day under the hospital examination, whereas the recovery period is 3-4 weeks. Physiotherapy acts as a catalyst in recovering from the surgery.

  • Spinal fusion: Doctor prescribes this surgical treatment to cure the slipped disc after examining which disc in the spine is damaged. The surgery is accomplished by joining two bones using screws to stabilize the spine and cure the lower back pain. The process can be referred to as the ” welding process” that basically fuses two or more bones together into a single one.

The patient needs to stay for four days in the hospital and complete recovery takes 3-6 months.

  • Discectomy: This surgical treatment reduces the strain on nerves and the numbness associated with slipped disc or severe back pain problem. By making the incision using general anaesthesia, the surgery successfully removes the herniated disc curing the back pain.

The hospital stay in this case is 1-3 days and the recovery period is of 1-4 weeks.

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