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National Dengue Day- What you need to know about Dengue


Every year on May 16, National Dengue Day is observed. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare established this day to raise awareness of dengue and its potentially lethal nature and stop its widespread transmission. Prevention and control of this mosquito-borne disease are essential to safeguard the health of people and prevent dengue outbreaks. According to the World Health Organization, approximately half of the world’s population is at risk of dengue fever, with an estimated 100–400 million infections occurring annually. 

National Dengue Day

Vector control is necessary for dengue prevention and control. The mortality rates of severe dengue are considerably reduced by early detection and access to appropriate medical care, but there is no particular cure for dengue or severe dengue.

To create awareness and observe this National Dengue Day 2023, let us learn more about dengue

What is Dengue fever?

Dengue fever is a disease that spreads to people by mosquito bites infected with one of many strains of dengue viruses. The virus is transmitted to humans by Aedes mosquito species such as Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. Dengue fever is commonly seen in tropical and subtropical locations worldwide, especially in urban and semi-urban areas.

What are the symptoms of dengue?

Dengue fever symptoms begin four to ten days after a mosquito bite and might persist for about three to seven days. Here are some of the dengue symptoms to watch out for, 

  • Chronic headaches
  • A high fever of about 104 F (40 C)
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Pain at the back of the eyes 
  • Chronic joint pain 
  • Muscle pain 
  • Skin rash 
  • Mild bleeding from the nose and gums 
  • Fatigue 
  • Easy bruising 

In certain instances, mild dengue symptoms may be mistaken for those caused by other conditions such as flu. However, in some cases, dengue, if left untreated, may cause serious problems. Severe dengue (dengue hemorrhagic fever) is a rare complication that may occur. The symptoms of severe dengue or dengue hemorrhagic fever may include the following,

  • Extreme irritation 
  • Fatigue 
  • Stomach pain 
  • Vomiting blood 
  • Persistent vomiting 
  • Blood in stools 
  • Bleeding from nose 
  • Bleeding gums 
  • Trouble bleeding 
  • Restlessness 

What are the causes of dengue fever?

Dengue fever is a disease caused by any of the four types of dengue viruses. These viruses enter the bloodstream when an infected mosquito bites a healthy human. The virus, after it has entered the body, starts replicating itself. As a result of both the virus and the body’s immune response, the person infected starts experiencing dengue symptoms.

The dengue virus can cause significant damage to blood components that are responsible for clotting and providing blood vessels with its structure. The destruction and the chemicals produced by the immune system can cause the leakage of blood vessels, eventually leading to internal bleeding. These severe dengue symptoms can become fatal. 

How does dengue spread, and is it contagious?

Dengue is spread when an Aedes mosquito carrying the virus bites an infected person and then bites a healthy person, causing them to get infected. However, dengue is not contagious like the flu and doesn’t spread from one individual to another. Dengue spreads only when an infected person bites a healthy individual or when an infected pregnant mother passes it to the baby during pregnancy or birth.

How is dengue fever diagnosed?

Upon experiencing the symptoms of dengue, it is essential to seek medical help. Your doctor will order blood tests to diagnose dengue. Blood tests for dengue will allow your doctor to look for the virus and the antibodies produced to fight it. 

Treatment for Dengue Fever

Currently, there is no specific treatment available to treat dengue fever. If you have been diagnosed with dengue fever, then your healthcare provider will advise you about the various treatment options to help you alleviate the dengue symptoms. They may also guide you on when to seek emergency medical care.

Your doctor may advise taking pain-relieving medications such as acetaminophen to reduce your pain and fever. However, avoid taking any medications such as aspirin on your own without consulting a doctor, as they may worsen your bleeding symptom. Your doctor will also prescribe a healthy diet and advise you to stay hydrated and get lots of rest to feel better. 

How to prevent dengue?

The best way of preventing dengue is by preventing a mosquito from biting you. To safeguard yourself and prevent your risk of getting bitten by a dengue-infected mosquito, you can follow the below-mentioned tips,

  • Wear full-sleeved t-shirts, socks and long pants when going outdoor 
  • Use mosquito-repellent creams 
  • Use mosquito nets when sleeping 
  • Use proper screens on doors and windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house
  • Maintain cleanliness and prevent water stagnation to avoid mosquitoes. 
National Dengue Day

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Dengue is a disease that is caused due to bite of an infected mosquito. Hence, this National Dengue Day 2023 create awareness among the public about the various dengue symptoms to ensure people get it treated on time. This National Dengue Day 2023 also brings an opportunity to create awareness about maintaining a clean environment to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and causing harmful diseases such as dengue. So, kindly spread the word among your family and friends about keeping their surroundings and houses clean and taking proper measures to prevent dengue. 

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