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On 24th March 2019, Rohit Kumar felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. The pain was unbearable and he quickly visited a nearby clinic to get it treated. The diagnosis: A hernia that needed to be operated on.

The clinic did not have facilities to conduct surgeries. So, Rohit searched on the internet for a nearby hospital. He checked for reviews on hospitals and doctors and this left him extremely confused.

His friends, colleagues, physician, nearby pharmacist, and insurance agent, all suggested different hospitals. He wasted hours together waiting in queues to seek information to help him decide the hospital for his surgery. He finally zeroed down on one but was not entirely convinced. 

The next concern was the confusing pricing. When he asked for the exact price of the surgery, all he could get was a wide price range. Even on the day of the surgery, he was not entirely sure of how much the surgery would actually cost him. 

He finally went ahead and got the surgery done. The biggest surprise came to him when he was asked to pay ?15,000 for consumables and other things which were not covered by insurance, this meant that he had to pay it out of his pocket!

Unfortunately, this is an all too familiar story in India.

Managing pain, dread of hospitals, confusing hospital policies and to top it all, unexpected hospital costs, today, this is the story of every other person who undergoes surgery.

A recent FICCI report shows that there is a steep decline in recent years in the trust people have in hospitals.

An image showing re-engineering Indian Healthcare 2.0 by FICCI, August 2019. Ayu Health is a trusted network of hospitals in India
Image Source: Re-engineering Indian Healthcare 2.0 by FICCI, August 2019

Out of 65 million surgeries required to be performed every year in India, only 25 million surgeries actually take place. Hence, it’s not surprising that WHO has placed India in the 112th position among 191 countries of the world in conducting surgeries!

We spoke to a lot of patients and there was an overwhelming uniformity on what the average Indian patient needs today:

  1. A brand of affordable hospitals with highly qualified doctors, first-rate infrastructure  
  2. Fixed pricing for a surgery- no more, no less!
  3. A single point of contact at the hospital to answer all questions and help with all procedures and documentation
  4. An experience built around patients to make sure there is everything one needs to feel comfortable before and after the surgery

Would be a dream, right? Well, this is what Ayu Health brings to India. 

So, what is Ayu Health?

Ayu Health is on a mission to build India’s most trusted chain of high-quality multi-specialty hospitals. Ayu Health’s proprietary technology allows hospitals to serve patients at lower prices, provide a better experience, and maintain high medical quality standards.

What does Ayu Health offer?

  • Best in class hospitals that you can trust
    • All of Ayu Health’s hospitals are accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers). In addition, Ayu Health technology monitors 100+ key healthcare parameters to ensure the quality of care never gets compromised. What this means is that, these hospitals have the highest quality infrastructure, clinical processes and exceptionally qualified doctors.

  • Affordable, transparent and fixed pricing so that there are no unexpected hospital bills
    • At Ayu Health, prices for all procedures are fixed and confirmed before the procedure. 
    • The Ayu Health network also allows hospitals to significantly lower their costs by using technology and improving scale. This benefit is passed on to patients in the form of more affordable prices (upto 30-40% cheaper than other similar quality hospitals).

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Illustration: Ayu Health offers fixed price packages for all procedures while being 30-40% cheaper than similar hospitals.
  • Each patient gets a dedicated Ayu Mitra, someone who provides clear information on the procedure, hospital stay and any other questions that the patient has.
  • Superior patient experience powered by Ayu Health technology
    From completely digitized OPD to minimal waiting times, Ayu Health provide an experience that takes away all the hassle from healthcare. 
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Illustration: At Ayu Health, patients don’t need to wait in a queue for registration, payment etc. Let your Ayu Mitra take care of it!

With such high quality offerings, Ayu Health brings you what you need the most- Reassurance that your treatment will be smooth and all you need to focus on is getting better. 

Rohit still shudders when he thinks about his hernia experience. How he wishes he had engaged with Ayu Health for a stress free and surprise free surgery!

Visit Ayu Health at or call us at +91 6366 100 800.

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