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How to choose the right Dialysis Centre?

Besides choosing dialysis treatment, selecting the right dialysis centre is critically important. The patients have to undergo treatment at least thrice a week, which makes the dialysis centre a home away from home. 

Image of a dialysis centre.

Given how critical the procedure is, it’s important to do thorough research before choosing the dialysis centre for your or your loved ones’ dialysis.

Guide to choose a dialysis centre

  • Start with referrals and patient testimonials

Start your search of the dialysis centre with referrals. For this refer the doctor you are consulting with. Also ask your relatives, friends, and other healthcare providers for recommendations for the best dialysis centre. 

Hearing from the patients about their experience of dialysis treatment often helps you gain insight into the respective dialysis centre. You get to know about how the medical fraternity over there works, and your selection of the dialysis centre becomes easier.

Some dialysis centres also organize camps / interactive sessions revolving around the experiences of both recovered patients and doctors.

Online reviews can be beneficial as well in making a choice.

  • Don’t overlook location

Dialysis treatment is not a one-time treatment; it happens to go for a more extended period depending on the health condition of the patient. So, you ought to make a calculative decision while choosing the dialysis centre.  

Think about the distance you are willing to travel for your health that too three times a week. So, find a dialysis centre that is not so far that it causes hindrance in your treatment sessions.

  • Look for credentials

While choosing a dialysis centre, evaluate the credentials of the doctors and assistant staff of the respective centre. An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan pivots on the experience and proficiency of the doctors and technicians at the dialysis centre.

Try to gain some insight into the expertise, experience, and credentials of the enlisted dialysis centres. This includes knowing about the education, certification, and the history with treatment procedures of the doctors in charge at the dialysis centres. Years of experience, knowledge, and universities they have graduated from are all reliable indicators of expertise.

  • Examine the infrastructure

The infrastructure of the centres directly reflects the success rates of dialysis centres, which is why you should always keep the basic amenities & facilities checklist while evaluating the centre. 

Dialysis treatment is all about good technology and instrumentation. So, it becomes imperative to keep a check for the dedicated laboratories, well-equipped dialysis rooms, modern instrumentation, and environmental control measures.

Accreditation by NABH, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, is a good sign in terms of evaluating all the parameters listed above.

  • Cost of treatment/insurance coverage

Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, dialysis can be a lifetime process, and you don’t want your savings to wipe off getting yourself treated.

So, it is critically essential to keep a check on medical expenses to get the treatment. Choose a dialysis centre that participates in your insurance plan. It will help you receive various health benefits and pay least out of your pocket.

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Our hospitals accept all major insurance schemes. We also offer economically priced packages for dialysis where patients can get benefit by opting for a long term commitment.

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