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How to choose the right fertility centre for your treatment?


Experiencing parenthood is one of the most beautiful rewards that couples are blessed with. But, with changing times, people have become so busy and stressed due to hectic careers and the accompanying problems. This has led to change in lifestyle, inappropriate diet consumption, increased stress and delayed family planning, which ends up causing fertility problems in couples.  

According to the national survey of family growth, 1 in 8 couples suffers from infertility problems around the globe. Also, 10.5% of the global women population face challenges while having a second child and 2% are infertile during the first pregnancy.

A blog by CDC(Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) writes that couples in the age group 20 to 35, should not consider themselves infertile until the period of a year after the marriage of having intercourse. Those who have tried conceiving for a year or more, have crossed the right age, i.e.>35, or have a history of STDs(sexually transmitted disease) must consult the doctors immediately.

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Things to consider

A survey by the US department of Health & Human services,  suggests that one-third of infertility problems are found in females, one-third in males and one-third in both partners. So, in order to diagnose and get infertility cured, both the partners must visit the doctor together and start with the recommended treatment.

For the best infertility treatments, couples must ensure and follow a thorough process of selecting the fertility clinic. Try to find the preferred clinic’s online presence and do homework of what you are going to ask and look for while the hospital visits.

Here’s a list of considerate things, the couple should look into:

Doctors in charge: Treating infertility is a complex process that requires a specialised team of doctors and assistant staff. Your selection should hinge on the credentials, expertise and experience of the doctors in the diagnostic and treatment of infertility fields. To ease out the speculations, couples can opt for doctor’s online ratings, reviews and referrals from friends and relatives.

Clinic’s location: Since pregnancy is a complex process in which a human body houses another human body. So, it becomes utmost essential to remain healthy and safe for nine months. 

The location of the fertility clinic or hospital plays a crucial role in the pregnancy period as the distance matters from home to the clinic to avoid any damage due to delays. Also, pregnancy follow-ups could be regularly or thrice in a week which makes the location factor automatically essential.

Staff’s hospitality:  Make sure you observe how the assistant team treats you on your first visit to the fertility hospital or clinic. Try to speculate them with multiple questions related to infertility and check whether they were pleasant or not. Assistant staff plays a significant role during your treatment and sometimes may act as intermediaries between you and the doctor.

So, the staff’s hospitality and knowledge is significant even if the best doctor is treating you.

Scrutinize the infrastructure and evaluate equipment facility: The success rates of infertility treatment are directly dependent on the hospital’s ambience and infrastructure. Since a small setback can hinder the treatment process, it is highly recommended for couples to pay close attention to little details as well. 

Make sure the hospital infrastructure includes well equipped and dedicated fertility operation theatres, labs, instrumentation, medical beds and environmental control features. Make sure the clinic has an adequate modern equipment facility so that they can offer you a tailor-made treatment plan. Even if your treatment process requires not much instrumentation, its presence validates enough the quality of the clinic.    

Infertility treatments offered: You must have the details about the infertility treatments a clinic or hospital is offering. Your decision making process becomes easier after probing about the treatment procedures available. 

It is highly recommended to choose a fertility centre that offers all or most advanced procedures. This avoids the case where a clinic might force-fit a treatment plan on the couple based on what the clinic offers rather than what’s actually most optimal.

Treatment expenses:  Usually, couples suffering from infertility problems ignore to keep a check on treatment expenses. They feel like the happiness of being pregnant is more than that of any cost. But, we typically recommend couples to be very careful and thorough with expenses while choosing the fertility centre.

Try to gather the information about charges of each infertility treatment available, hospital stay charges and medication charges. Only then decide on selecting the fertility clinic. It’s also useful to check if easy financing schemes (clinics nowadays offer 0% EMI financing) are offered as they can help you plan your costs better.

Hospital affiliation: Make sure you choose an excellent medical facility licensed with the government and prefer the NABH affiliated hospitals.

Try to choose a fertility clinic and hospital that is firmly rooted in the code of ethics and values. Transparency and confidentiality become considerate features while making the selection decision. 

Different types of treatments offered

Intrauterine Insemination(IUI)

Also known as artificial insemination, IUI is the process of inserting the specially prepared sperm directly into the uterus using a thin, flexible catheter. Patients widely prefer this process, and most of the doctors recommend the patients to use fertility drugs as well to enhance the chances of fertilization.

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In- Vitro Fertilization(IVF)

The treatment concludes in multi-stages that includes extraction of eggs and its fertilization with sperm. After the development of embryos, they are planted in the uterus.

Fertility drugs

The process involves the intake of drugs in the form of incision or a pill. These drugs help by releasing the hormones that impel the ovulation to aid egg production and make the uterus susceptible to embryo implantation.

Reproductive surgery

The surgical treatment is an inpatient process that rectifies the anatomical abnormalities, blockages, and scars in both men and women.

Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer(ZIFT)

It is similar to IVF. But, the insertion of an embryo takes place in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus.

Hysteroscopic surgery

It is a procedure of diagnosing the uterus from inside and treating the abnormal bleeding problem. It is used to correct several uterine conditions like removal of fibroids and polyps, which are the non-cancerous growth prevailing in the uterus, adhesions from the womb or any septum(defect) in the uterus.

Laparoscopic surgery

It is a non-invasive treatment performed with the help of a telescope-like instrument that detects any pelvic anatomy that causes infertility among women. The laparoscopic surgery is performed to treat every infertility problem diagnosed. Also, it helps to remove endometriosis or scar tissue.

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Ayu Health hospitals offer all advanced fertility procedures and carry mandatory certifications from the government authorities. Our infertility treatment centres are equipped with state of the art technology, including Andrology and Embryology labs. All of our hospitals are accredited by NABH, India’s premier hospital accreditation authority.

If you are looking for a leading doctor who can treat and perform effective infertility treatment and suggest the best methods to get the procedure just right for you in India, you can call +91 – 6366 100 800 or visit us at https://ayu.health/bangalore/surgery/Fertility-30. Ayu Health Hospitals may be your best bet! For booking an appointment, call 636-610-0800

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