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How Often Should You Get Health Check-ups Done?

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You’ve heard the proverb- Prevention is better than cure. Health check-ups help us do just that! Health check-ups involve simple tests to check how well your body is functioning. 

How often you need to get these tests done, depends on many factors. In this article, let’s explore everything about them. 

Why are regular health check-ups important?

The current sedentary lifestyles that we are leading makes us prone to diseases. Leaving them unchecked may cause more harm than you can imagine. A few solid reasons why health check-ups are good for you are:

  1. Understanding how healthy you are

Health check-ups clearly tell us how well we are doing. If everything is fine in your health report card, you can be rest assured that you are taking good care of your health and are on the right path to maintaining a healthy life. It will give you a sense of satisfaction that you don’t have anything to worry about.  

However, if something comes up, it helps you make course corrections so that you maintain good health. 

  1. Detecting health issues at an early stage

Life-threatening or not, most diseases can be detected by simple blood tests. For example, kidney failure. Now, a person might have symptoms like swollen feet but he/she won’t know that their kidneys are failing them. Just a simple blood test can detect how well the kidneys are functioning. 

So, detecting them early and nipping them in the bud will not only contribute to adding more years to your life but also improve your quality of life. 

  1. Reducing your medical bills

It might seem like you are wasting your money on medical tests if your results come back normal. However, if you are diagnosed with something, treating it early costs much lesser than getting it treated when it reaches a chronic stage. 

So, health check-ups do help you in saving your money. 

  1. Giving you a chance to lead a longer life

Dangerous health conditions like cancer easily claim people’s lives. By undergoing routine check-ups, even cancer can be detected and cured before it becomes too serious a condition to get out of. 

Health check-ups can also help in pointing towards minor things like adding vitamin supplements, or following a certain diet, these recommendations from doctors do improve your health.

Health check-ups thus, give you a chance to lead a longer, more peaceful life. 

Those are primarily the reasons you should go for routine check-ups. But one might ask, how routinely do I need to undergo these routine tests?

Well, this depends on a few factors. They are:

  1. Age

If you are below 35 years, you can opt for check-ups every 2 years. But, if you are above 35, it is recommended that you do it once every year.

However, if you have any condition like hypertension, you’ll probably need just specific tests every month to monitor your blood pressure levels. 

  1. Family history

Many diseases like cancer, diabetes etc have shown that they are hereditary. It is not mandatory that you will have the disease but your body is prone to it and there is a chance that you might be detected with it.

  1. Lifestyle

Leading an active lifestyle keeps you away from diseases. Regular exercise, sports, doing your daily chores, all these activities keep you away from diseases. But, if you are overweight or consume alcohol/tobacco, it is important to get them done regularly.

  1. Doctor’s recommendation

Based on your previous health check-ups, your doctor might suggest how regularly you will need them. In such a case, it is best to follow your doctor’s advice and go for the check-ups as prescribed. 

Trust, but verify. Works in the case of your health also. The best way you can take care of yourself is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and go for regular check-ups to ensure you remain healthy! Ayu Health offer full body check-ups at hospitals having the latest infrastructure and also, doctor consultations. To schedule one, call us at 080 69489584 or visit our website.

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