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Hernia, nothing but a ticking time bomb!

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A hernia is a simple problem caused by weak abdominal muscles. In the initial stages, it does not cause any discomfort or pain. However, as it progresses, it becomes more painful and you can feel a slight bulge in your belly. 

We’ve all heard that a stitch in time saves nine, right? Well, this is very true in a hernia’s case as well. 

The longer a hernia is left untreated, the bigger it grows. In fact, hernias never heal themselves and disappear. 

What happens when a hernia starts growing?

Let’s visualize what happens inside your abdominal cavity. Before the hernia starts growing, each organ has its own space. So, all the organs function well.

As the hernia grows in size, it starts putting pressure on the surrounding organs. This is just the first stage. 

As the hernia puts more and more pressure on the surrounding organs, the swelling and intensity of pain increases. This is the right time to go to the doctor and seek treatment for the hernia.  

At this stage, surgery is less complicated and the hernia is easy to repair. Hence, the recovery time is also as short as a week. 

When a hernia gets bigger, it can lead to the collapse of the abdominal wall. Even worse, it can lead to strangulation of the intestine. This means that the intestine gets blocked and blood stops flowing through the digestive tract. 

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When blood does not flow through organs, they slowly start to die. This situation needs immediate surgery without which the situation becomes life threatening. 

Even if the hernia is treated at this stage, the surgery becomes extremely complicated which means more bleeding, chances of infection as well as a very slow recovery which can be as long as 6 weeks. 

A life-threatening situation vs an uncomplicated surgery from which you can recover within a week- the choice is yours to make! 

Whatever you choose, Ayu Health is with you at every step offering you the best treatment you deserve. So, don’t hesitate. A ticking time bomb in the abdomen is never a good thing to have, right?

Ayu Health is a network of high quality hospitals providing affordable healthcare. Ayu Health offers fixed price packages for laparoscopic and open surgery for treating Hernia. To book a consultation, call us on +91-6366 100 800 or visit our website.

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