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Hacks to 6 Most Common Issues that New Parents Face

Issues that New Parents Face

Holding your ‘bundle of joy’ in your arms for the first time is an unforgettable experience. Along with happiness and excitement, you also feel uncertainty and even sometimes, a bit of trepidation for what’s in store. 

1.Baby Growth

To make the experience with your newborn, a little more enjoyable and stress-free, we’ve put together a list of hacks for the most common issues and what’s more.. they work every single time! 

Most parents are anxious whether their baby’s growth is adequate or not. Visits to your paediatrician help you understand this precisely. However, keeping a track of your baby’s feeding, sleep and diapers can give you a pretty good indication of how well your baby is growing. 

Hack # 1: Use an app to keep track of your baby’s feeding, sleep and diapers. 

2.Newborn Jaundice

Hack # 2: Consult a lactation specialist to make sure your baby is feeding well.  

Jaundice is very common among new-borns and it goes away on its own as the baby’s liver starts functioning. Yellowing of skin and eyes is an indication that your baby has jaundice. There’s nothing you can do to prevent it. But you should know that jaundice spreads from top to bottom. So, if your new-borns eyes look yellow, you should not really worry much. But, keep a check on how far jaundice has spread.

Hack # 3: Press down on your baby’s skin with your finger. If the skin appears yellow after you release your finger, it shows how far down jaundice has reached. If jaundice persists even after a week, you can check with your paediatrician.  

3.Umbilical Cord-Care

Let’s face it. It looks weird. You don’t really know what to do about it and you wonder if it hurts your baby at the slightest touch. 

Well, the cord doesn’t really hurt the baby. But you should take proper care of it to avoid any sort of infections creeping in. Usually, the cord falls off on its own within 1-2 weeks without any intervention from you. 

Hack # 4: Give your baby a sponge bath until it falls off and keep the area dry. Do not try to pull it out. Trust me, it’ll fall off on its own. 


Being tiny doesn’t stop babies from creating a ruckus. They can bring down the roof to express their displeasure. And, you can’t really run away from it.

The most common reasons why a baby cries are- hunger, discomfort due to diapers, gassiness or they just want to be cuddled. 

Hack # 5: Identify what’s bothering your baby and find the solution without getting flustered. Sing to the baby while feeding or when you’re changing his diaper. Your voice really does soothe the baby. And if the problem is gassiness, administer colic drops to put him at ease. 


You’ve read all about it and it makes you paranoid, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The problem is that you don’t know what causes it and the fact that you can’t really control is scary about it. 

You should know that SIDS is very rare, more so in India. So, the dedicated parent that you are, you can be certain that it’s not going to happen. However, there are a few things you can do to avoid such things from happening.

Hack # 6: Place your baby in a crib or cot with a firm mattress and do not place anything near the baby. No toys, no diapers, not even blankets. 

6.Sleepless Nights 

Well, this is something that you can’t really avoid. Babies have tiny tummies. They have to feed often in order to grow well. But you need to rest too. 

Hack # 7: Keep your phone away and sleep when the baby sleeps! 

Hack # 8: Between your spouse and you, take turns to feed the baby to ensure both of you get enough sleep. 

So, there! Those are the simple hacks you can use to make the journey with your newborn less bumpy. For anything more serious, you should consult your paediatrician to get a quick solution. New-borns are delicate and hence, they need the best care they can get. 

Ayu Health boasts of having the best paediatricians who can provide expert neonatal care. The NABH certified fully equipped hospitals associated with Ayu Health aid the doctors to be best at what they do, making your baby feel better. 

We know new-borns have lesser immunity and shouldn’t be taken out too often till their vaccinations are complete. So, Ayu Health brings you the facility to consult with top paediatricians through online consultations that you can have from the comfort of your home. Booking an appointment, consulting the doctor, payments and generation of prescriptions, everything happens online.  Ayu Health is truly committed to providing the best healthcare to you considering your and your baby’s convenience.

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