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Simple Everyday Exercises You Can Do To Lose Belly Fat

belly fat exercises

The burden of having the perfect body is on every person in society but it doesn’t have to be. The idea of a perfect body set by the media is not really perfect. Everyone is built differently and has a unique physique. People of all shapes and sizes can be healthy – or they can be at risk for diseases like heart disease or diabetes. And only a competent physician can decide this, not a nosy relative who wants you to lose weight.

That being said, if you get regular checkups and your doctor has advised you to lose some belly fat but you don’t have the time to join a gym, this blog is for you. 

By following simple and effective exercises for belly fat reduction you can tone your tummy to a healthier size. 

Simple Exercises for Belly Fat

The best belly fat reduction exercises are the ones you do regularly without fail. No matter how intense or hardcore the exercises are, it won’t help you if you do them once a month or once in a few weeks.  

As Leonardo da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” So start simple and work your way up to a healthier body structure. 

Walk or Better Yet, Run!

If you’re wondering: can walking reduce tummy fat? Yes, it can! Whether you run or walk, it will undoubtedly help you lose weight, including tummy fat. The key here is consistency and the intensity of your exercise.

A brisk walk or a quick run in the fresh air for thirty minutes will help decrease tummy fat and bring you some mental peace. Besides helping you lose belly fat, running or walking is also great for your heart health! 

Bring Back Bicycles 

Whatever happened to the good old days when you explored the neighbourhood on your bicycle? It’s time to bring them back. You may not have the time to explore your neighbourhood thanks to your hectic schedule, but you can certainly use a bicycle to ride to the store or complete quick errands that would otherwise require public transport or your own vehicle.

Besides reducing belly fat, cycling can also help you increase your heart rate and shed weight around your waist and thighs.


It’s easy and enjoyable! If you don’t have time to attend a Zumba class, you can watch Zumba fitness videos online and follow along. And you don’t have to do it alone; invite your friends or family to join you in Zumba to help you stay motivated to lose belly fat.

Besides burning belly fat, Zumba has tons of other benefits from cardio fitness to improved blood pressure. So without further ado get dancing! 

Ab Workouts in Bed!

Start your morning with a few ab workouts that can help you have a more productive and energetic day. 

  1. Cross-body crunches

Place both hands on the back of your head while lying face up with your knees bent. Curl your right upper body away from the floor. Squeeze your abs and oblique while rotating your right elbow toward your left knee. switch and repeat. 

  1. Toe touches

While keeping your back straight, reach out and touch your toes with both hands and hold for 30 seconds. As simple as that. If you aren’t able to touch your toes, it’s alright. Start by trying to reach your shins and slowly work your way up to the toes.

  1. Plank 

A normal plank is perfect for the bed since your forearms are more comfortable on the soft surface. Keep your head up and in line with your spine, and concentrate on the burn in your abdominals, from your pelvic floor all the way up to your ribcage.

Besides toning your tummy these ab workouts can also help you improve flexibility and balance. These workouts do not require any equipment and can be done in under 30 minutes before you get started for the day. 

By following these simple belly fat exercises consistently, you can tone your body into a healthier and happier physique. Don’t measure your fitness journey by measuring how much belly fat you’re losing in a week but by how you feel about yourself at the end of the day. 

If you’d like to consult a doctor about what dietary changes you can do to reduce tummy fat ? reach out to the best nutritionist atAyu Health and we will assist you in every way possible!

However, if diet and exercise are ineffective, doctors may recommend alternatives. No, not fat removal surgeries but something better. 

Bariatric Surgery: A Weight Loss Treatment

Bariatric surgery is not a fat removal surgery; rather, it is a long-term weight loss treatment. Gastric bypass and other weight-loss surgeries that make alterations to your digestive tract to help you lose weight are referred to as bariatric surgery.

Ayu Health perform all kinds of bariatric surgeries. These include ? 

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery: A treatment that limits both the amount of food that the stomach can hold and the absorption of calories and nutrients.
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy: In this procedure, 80% of the stomach is removed. This makes it smaller hence it cannot hold as much food and also reduces appetite. 
  • Gastric Band: An adjustable gastric band is wrapped over the top of the stomach, forming a smaller pouch above. Less food is stored, and patients feel fuller faster. With regular tweaks, the band is reduced in size over time.
  • Biliopancreatic Diversion With Duodenal Switch: There are two major phases to this procedure. The first phase is a sleeve gastrectomy, which removes approximately 80% of the stomach. The second phase bypasses the majority of the intestine by connecting the end segment of the intestine to the segment near the stomach. This decreases nutrient absorption and limits how much you can eat, including proteins and fats.

Bariatric surgeries have many advantages compared to other fat removal surgeries like liposuction. Some of which include ? 

  • Improved glucose and insulin levels, leading to amelioration and even resolution of type 2 diabetes
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Improved fertility and alleviated PCOS symptoms 
  • Joint pain relief
  • Elimination of sleep apnea

*It is important to note that bariatric surgery is not recommended for everyone who is overweight. It is usually recommended when other weight-loss approaches, such as diet and exercise, have failed or when you are experiencing major health issues as a result of your obesity.

By consulting a doctor atAyu Health you can find out if you are eligible for this surgery or not. Without delay, Reach out to us to learn more about the procedures, medical criteria and even get a cost estimate of bariatric surgery! 

If you need additional resources or would like to speak with a professional, feel free to contact us right away at +91 636-610-0800 or book an appointment on our website. Our expert team is here to assist and support you every step of the way.

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