Who would have thought that a virus started with a single case would end up imposing lockdown on nations worldwide? Declared as “Pandemic” by WHO, COVID-19 seems a virus that will not leave the world any sooner, and with no vaccine out yet, patients are in quarantine, and health aid workers are at higher risk of catching the infection.

Learning from the current situation, the authorities, especially the medical fraternity, ought to ensure readiness to fight such viruses in the future. While setting up capabilities to fight the virus, it’s also important to ensure that patients of non-COVID ailments have a safe experience inside the hospitals.

This post paints a picture of how the world is dealing with this situation, in general and how we, at Ayu Health Hospitals are ensuring patient safety.

Prepare for the future 

Amid the fight against COVID-19, the healthcare systems around the globe have been pushing their limits to fulfil an unprecedented amount of medical resources. 

We know that our medical fraternity is currently inundated with a plethora of activities and efforts to put control on the pandemic. 

Now it’s high time to not overlook the future and ensure those essential healthcare facilities are not denied, and we are prepared to face such pandemics resourcefully.

Here’s a set of things that are finding increased adoption globally as hospitals gear up for the “new normal”.

  • Telemedicine

With the increasing cases of COVID-19, the healthcare industry adopted Telemedicine and Telehealth to provide dedicated essential medical services without obstructions to those in need.

Leveraging modern technology has paved the way for virtual healthcare systems in the future. Other than the emergency cases not requiring the urgent hand-on care can be and will be dealt with tele platforms efficiently. 

Telemedicine refers to the technology that enables the doctors to examine and diagnose the patients using telecommunications platforms like online consultations, self-monitoring devices and web applications but emergency procedures are excluded from this technology.

All the medical institutes need to adopt this technology so that in the future delivery of medical services is not hindered because of such viruses or other issues. It is a crucial step to start with so that in future, you are well equipped with online consultation, web application and self- monitoring services for your patients. 

  • Safe and hygienic environment

Though a safe and hygienic environment is already a priority in almost every hospital, yet COVID-19 brought some new rules that need to be practised in future as well by both the medical staff and patients. 

Placing masks, tissues and gloves ought to be mandatory in hospitals and possibly everywhere around. Sanitization should be compulsory to avoid such conditions from worsening.  

  • PPE kits

With the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, the requirement for PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) has gone up by as much  as 1000-2000-fold.

PPE kits protect the medical professionals such as nurses, doctors and the assistant medical staff who are on the frontlines fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

Nations are not only dealing with COVID-19 crisis but also with the shortage crisis of PPEs putting the medical staff at the highest risk of danger.

So, this is another measure mandatory to be included in the readiness checklist to fight such viruses or other issues in future. 

  • Isolated COVID-19 Areas

As we know that chances of transmission of COVID-19 become higher in the hospital premises. So, the hospitals must have separate isolated COVID-19 areas. Different rooms, and preferably different areas altogether, for these patients reduce the risk of catching the infection for others.

It is a crucial step to make the hospitals prepare for any such other viruses in the post-COVID era. 

How does Ayu Health platform enable safer experience?

Ayu Health is India’s most trusted network of hospitals. Our specialists provide unmatched care across a range of specialities.

As the country deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, Ayu Health is taking all the precautionary and preventive measures to fight the virus not only now but post-COVID era as well.

Our hospitals ensure that we are ready to fight off any condition and not let the availability of medical services suffer. 

We are striving hard to enable a safer experience by

  • Offering online consultation on video with all our specialists so that you don’t have to travel. All you need to do is set up an appointment by giving a call at Ayu Health number. However, we do realize that some conditions might need you to travel and meet the doctor in person. Our team can help with all documents required for the pass and also help generate it for you. 
  • Sanitizing our hospitals frequently and following best in class practices (thermal scanning on entry, social distancing within hospitals etc.
A visitor at Ayu Health Superspecialty Hospital being provided hand sanitizer upon entry
Thermal scanning at entry is mandatory for all visitors entering the hospital
Entire medical staff has been provided with PPE kits which are sanitized regularly
Social distancing is maintained at all queues, wherever applicable
  • Making the availability of provision of online payment and registration to avoid queues, pre-fixed appointment times, etc. to ensure the safety of patients visiting our hospitals.
  • Making the availability of sanitized ambulances for picking up all the patients requiring emergency hand-on care.
  • Making free delivery service available to all the patients for medicines and to even get your test samples collected from home in case a lab test is needed.

Here’s a video showing all the steps we have taken:

For more information, please visit https://ayu.health/bangalore/ or call us on 6366100800.