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Piles and the dangers of leaving it neglected

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Yes, we know. Piles make you feel uncomfortable. It’s an embarrassing problem to discuss and the thought of being examined by a doctor makes you feel queasy.  

But, it’s a problem, a problem that you should get treatment for without delay. 

Piles are more common than you think. The World Health Organisation estimates that nearly 50% to 60% of people suffer from piles at one point or the other in their lives. Now, this is a huge number!

Hence, you can safely assume that for a problem that is so common, the treatment is also well researched. 

Different Stages of Piles – How does treatment vary?

The one point you should know is that- The problem can be easily solved if treated in the early stages. Simple lifestyle changes like drinking plenty of water, increasing the quantity of fibrous food in your diet, and exercising rather than leading a sedentary life can help you resolve the problem without having to undergo surgery. 

Piles are classified into 4 grades based on the severity of the problem. Now, Grade 3 and Grade 4 piles can be treated only through surgery. However, the extent of discomfort you’ll experience will be much lesser if you get the surgery done at the earliest. Not just that, your recovery from the surgery will also be quicker. 

What happens if you delay getting the treatment?

As time passes, the severity of the problem also increases. Take a look at how piles progress with time.

A vector image depicting the stages of piles (hemorroids)
Various stages of Piles

As you can see from the image, the size of the piles keeps increasing which can lead to prolapse and incontinence. I’m sure you’ll agree that incontinence will be a more embarrassing problem to overcome than piles!

Delaying a surgery suggested by the doctor can lead to very heavy bleeding. This can get so severe that you might suffer from anaemia which makes you feel tired all the time and interferes with your day-to-day activities. 

Not taking care of the area can also lead to infection which can turn very painful and can also lead to gangrene which is life-threatening! 

The last thought I’d leave you with is that colorectal cancer has the symptoms as piles. So, as embarrassing as it may seem, it’s best to get your piles checked and treated as soon as possible. 

The doctors at Ayu Health have dealt with more piles cases than you can imagine. They have the most advanced technology and practice the most trusted techniques. They suggest going for surgery only if it’s absolutely unavoidable. Come to Ayu Health and be sure to get the best treatment possible! 

Ayu Health is a network of high-quality hospitals offering healthcare at affordable prices. Ayu Health provides open surgery, laser surgery and Stapler Hemorrhoidectomy for Piles treatment. To book a consultation, call us on +91-6366 100 800 or visit our website.

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