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Discover 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Brinjal

Brinjal Health Benefits

Brinjal, also called eggplant, is more than just a culinary delight. This vegetable, with its vibrant purple skin and spongy texture, is a sea of nutritional abundance. Not many are aware of brinjal’s health benefits.

This blog will dive into five amazing health benefits of eating brinjal that’ll have you adding this vegetable to your diet in no time. As a bonus, we’ll also dive into brinjal’s health benefits for men, skin health, as well as its Ayurvedic effects.

Let’s begin.

Nutritional Information

NutrientsPer 100g of Brinjal
Dietary Fibre3g
Vitamin C2.2mg
Vitamin B60.084mg
Vitamin A1µg
Vitamin E0.3mg
Vitamin K3.5µg

Top 6 Brinjal Health Benefits

Here are the top six health benefits of eating brinjal.

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1. It is Nutrient-Rich

Brinjals are packed full of essential nutrients, such as vitamins C, K, and B6, folate, thiamine, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, dietary fibre, folic acid, and potassium.

All these nutrients are a boon to your overall wellness.

2. It is High in Antioxidants

Brinjals are rich in antioxidants (substances that protect your body from damage by harmful molecules called free radicals).

Brinjal skin is rich in the antioxidant nasunin. This antioxidant is known to protect your cells from damage and slow the progression of certain ailments, like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, tumours, etc.

3. It May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

The vitamin B6 content in brinjal supports heart health. 

The high potassium content in brinjals doesn’t necessarily prevent or treat heart disease, but it improves your blood pressure — something that can prevent the onset of heart diseases.

4. It May Promote Blood Sugar Control

Brinjals are high in fibre, making them an excellent food choice for managing diabetes. The fibre may regulate blood sugar levels by slowing the rate of digestion and absorption of sugar in the body.

5. Weight Loss

Brinjals are a delicious, low-calorie, and high-fibre vegetable, making them an excellent option for anyone trying to lose weight.

The fibre helps to make you feel full, reducing the need to snack between meals.

Eggplant Benefits for Males

Brinjals are not gender-specific in their benefits by any means. However, they contribute to men’s health by promoting good heart health, improving blood circulation, and helping with weight management — all of which are significant to male health.

Eggplant Benefits for Skin

Brinjals are rich in vitamins (like vitamins A, C, and E) and antioxidants (like anthocyanins) that can help enhance your skin’s health.

The water content in brinjal aids in keeping your skin hydrated and glowing, while the antioxidants protect your skin from premature ageing.

Brinjal Benefits in Ayurveda

Brinjals are highly valued for their therapeutic properties, according to Ayurveda.

They’re known to balance your Kapha and Vata doshas, aid digestion, and improve brain function.

Ayurveda appreciates brinjals for their purifying properties — like enhancing liver health and cleansing your blood.


1. Which vitamin is rich in brinjal?

Brinjal is rich in several vitamins, like vitamins C, K, and B6.

2. Who should not eat brinjal?

Individuals who have an allergy to brinjal or those suffering from gallbladder disease or kidney problems should not eat brinjal. That’s because brinjal contains oxalates which could worsen these conditions.

3. Is brinjal rich in protein?

Yes, brinjal is rich in protein. However, it’s not particularly high in it. It contains roughly 1 gram of protein per 100 grams.

4. Is brinjal good for skin?

Yes, brinjal is good for skin health due to its high water content, vitamins, and antioxidants that enhance hydration and prevent premature ageing.

5. Is brinjal a king/queen of vegetables?

No, brinjal is not the king/queen of vegetables. However, this is purely subjective based on one’s personal tastes, experiences, and culture.

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Reap Brinjal’s Health Benefits: Add It To Your Diet Today

Brinjal deserves a regular place in your diet.

From reducing the risk of heart disease to its role in controlling blood sugar and weight management, brinjal’s health benefits are many. It’s also recognized in Ayurveda for its therapeutic properties.

To learn more about how you can incorporate brinjal or other healthy vegetables into your diet, we highly recommend speaking to one of our dieticians at Ayu Health.

Visit our website, and book an appointment today.

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