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7 Little Tips That Will Make You Get Back to Exercising


We know exercising is good for us. But, how many of us have the motivation to do it on a regular basis? Once in a blue moon, we sum up all our energy and motivation and start. And then, what happens? We do it for a few days and then, forget about it. 

So, how to really get to exercise and make sure it is something we do regularly and don’t miss out on?

Few hints that will help you get off your feet get ready for exercising

Young woman warming up outdoors before exercising

You are never too tired or too busy for a workout

These are the most common excuses you find to not exercise. So, let’s get this straight. 

Plan your exercise routine at a time most convenient to you in the morning. You are the most active when you wake up and that’s when your body needs you to activate all your organs and muscles. So, make sure your workout time is in the morning so that you don’t feel tired even before you start exercising. Excuse 1, sorted out. 

Too busy, eh? Well, you don’t need hours and hours to exercise. You just need 10 minutes to start with and then, you can gradually increase it to 20 minutes and then, 30 minutes and so on. 10 minutes is something I’m sure you can take out of your busy schedule to make your health better. Seems possible now, doesn’t it?

Think of it as a sweet pain

A lot of people skip exercising because it makes them feel sore. This is bound to happen because you haven’t been using your muscles and they are out of order. 

Think of it this way. You love eating spicy stuff. It runs havoc on your tongue but you still have it, right? And once you start having it, you don’t really feel that it’s too spicy. Your tongue gets used to it and then, you really start enjoying the spicy flavour. 

Exercising is no different. Of course, in the beginning, it might seem painful. But the more you exercise, the more you feel excited and energised by it. So, think of it as a temporary sweet pain that will ease off as soon as you start exercising regularly. 

Starting off slow is also important. You don’t want to rush into a high-intensity workout right from Day 1. There’s a high chance you might injure yourself if you do that. And, then your workout plan will go out of the window! 

Get workout clothes that make you feel good

Wearing new clothes puts us in a happy, lively mindset, doesn’t it? 

So, go ahead. Buy yourself some nice and comfortable workout clothes which make you look awesome. This will give you that extra push to get up and start working out. And.. there’s nothing wrong in checking yourself out in the mirror and thinking you already look slimmer. ?

Choose a workout track that gets you going

Hit a rhythm while working out- that’s the best thing that can happen for someone just starting to exercise. Once you start moving and grooving to the music, exercising becomes much more enjoyable. You can also start with breathing exercises to bring about some relaxation. 

Keep a track ready for the next day so that you know exactly what you are going to listen to while exercising and it motivates you to continue your routine

Find an exercise partner

Pick a buddy with whom you can exercise. Decide on a time, place and workout style that suits both of you. A study says that 95% of the people who started a weight loss program completed it because they had partners. 

You and your exercise buddy will motivate and push each other to exercise every day and help each other not to break the continuity. 

In general, if you want to start something that you want to keep at, you can choose a partner with similar interests. 

Choose ‘your’ kind of workout

Each of us have different personalities. Your workout should suit your interests. 

Someone who likes calm and peace in the morning could choose to have a yoga workout. Perhaps someone who loves Bollywood dancing can opt for Zumba classes. There are so many things you can do- playing sports like badminton, tennis, going for a jog, boxing etc

If you don’t like stepping out, you can easily choose exercises that will help you workout from home. Exercising at home will make you stick to the routine much faster. 

Make the workout work for you by choosing something you have fun doing. 

Prep everything on the previous day

This is something that really helped me when I was getting back into a fitness routine. You should be prepped and ready to go the next morning with everything you need for your work out. Here are a few things that I do:

  • Set a reminder for the workout
  • Choose the clothes and shoes I will wear while exercising
  • Select the track which I’m going to listen to
  • Get all the equipment together- yoga mat, speakers etc 
  • Think of a pre-workout snack that you will have and keep it handy – A banana or nuts or a smoothie (this you can make and keep in the fridge the previous night) are good options 

And that’s it. Try to follow these tips that have worked for me and let me know how they worked for you!

Remember! Exercising is good for you. Apart from keeping you physically fit, it gives you that extra boost of positive hormones you need to get through the day. Being regular at working out means keeping stress, anxiety at bay.

Happy exercising!

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