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6 Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Conceive Faster

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Right from conceiving, to pregnancy to holding a child in your arms for the first time- a rollercoaster ride filled with anticipation, excitement and happiness. The first step to this wonderful journey in conceiving. Our lifestyle impacts most of our health conditions and it can be modified by bringing in specific changes in our routine.

A WHO report states that one in every four couples have trouble conceiving in developing countries. Many lifestyle factors, such as nutrition, psychological stress, body weight, environmental and occupational exposures greatly impact a woman’s fertility. Did you know that some simple lifestyle changes can help you conceive easily?

Well, read on to know what you can do to conceive easily by making small lifestyle changes. 

Be the fittest version of yourself

Exercises like yoga, cycling, swimming etc not only boost your mood but also improve metabolism and help in keeping your body in proper order. Exercising also helps the reproductive system to function well. Maintaining the right weight is also important when you are planning a pregnancy. Reports suggest that, couples who exercise take a shorter amount of time to conceive. 

So, when you plan to get pregnant, it’s important that both parents exercise for at least half an hour every day and keep fit. 

Eating well

A good diet is directly linked to your well-being. Moreover, there are a few vitamins and minerals essential for getting pregnant. Some of them are folic acid, vitamin B-12, Omega -3 acids, etc are said to directly affect fertility positively. Not only do they influence the quality of eggs in the mother but also help in improving the sperm quality. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet should be our regular lifestyle to maintain good health.

Get the required sleep

Continuous, undisturbed sleep of 7-8 hours has innumerable health benefits. Right from healing the body to recharging it after a day full of activity, sleep is the solution to many health problems. 

Women’s fertility is proved to be dependent on how well-rested she is. 

Remember. Just sleeping, tossing and turning will not be enough. Quality sleep is what is you need to aim for. 

Stay away from Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol. We all know they have negative effects on our health. But, did you know that these activities decrease fertility to a large extent? 

A recent study reports that up to 42.9% of the males visiting infertility clinics were smokers and up to 34.7% of the males seeking help to conceive were alcoholics. The reproductive hormones and semen parameters were significantly lower for men who smoked and consumed alcohol. 

Keep your pearly whites in order

Oral hygiene, I mean. Surprised?

Well, you need to know that oral health is very much connected to the well-being of a person. Oral problems are directly linked to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, even cancers. 

Bad oral health might indicate problems in conceiving as well. Even after getting pregnant, bad oral health might lead to premature deliveries, fetal growth restrictions etc. 

Monitor your stress levels

Stress is the most dangerous state you can be in when you are trying to conceive. Sometimes conception happens within no time and in other cases, it might take a while. Developing stress will not help in conceiving. In fact, it might slow down the process. 

Reducing stress levels by yoga, meditation and breathing techniques has been linked to faster and easier conception. 

To sum it up, make these lifestyle changes now, to help you conceive. 

Lifestyle factors that impact a woman's pregnancy

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