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5 Questions you should ask before a Cataract Surgery

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Our eyes help us experience the world. As we age, our eye lenses become cloudy which makes vision hazy and unclear called cataracts. 

For a brighter, better vision, the cataracts of the eyes need to be removed and replaced with lenses by a simple surgery also known as cataract surgery. 

Cataract surgery is a short and safe procedure and is usually done on an outpatient basis. 

Here are a few questions before going for the surgery:

Which type of cataract surgery should I go for? 

There are primarily two types of surgeries- Phaco and laser surgery. A traditional surgery also called phaco involves making a small incision in the side of the eye and breaking up the cataract lens using ultrasound waves. 

Laser surgery uses a laser to soften the cataract which is then removed easily. Laser surgery is done when along with cataracts other vision problems like astigmatism need to be resolved. 

In a laser surgery, the incisions made are more precise and they are made in a shorter amount of time. So, there are fewer complications in a laser surgery as compared to Phaco. 

You should ask your doctor which surgery is more suitable for your needs. 

Which lens will be the right one for me?

After removing the cataract, it is replaced by Intraocular lenses, also known as IOLs. These are of two major types:

Monofocal lenses: These lenses can provide clear vision for a particular distance only i.e. for resolving nearsightedness. Before surgery, the power of the lens is calculated so that you don’t need glasses.

Multifocal lenses: These lenses can resolve the problems of both near and farsightedness. These are premium lenses and usually cost more than the monofocal lenses. 

A lot depends on the type of lenses you choose. So, be sure to ask the doctor which lenses are going to be fitted for you. 

Is there any risk involved in the cataract surgery? 

The surgery is relatively safe but there are some risks that are associated with eye surgeries. Some of the common ones are infection, damage to the retina, bleeding, inflammation in the eye, dislocation of the lens, etc. In some cases, even after the surgery, there is no improvement in the vision. 

These risks are also based on your health condition before the surgery. Check with your doctor about the complications that can happen and if there’s anything you can do to avoid them. 

What precautions should I take after the surgery?

There are very simple but important precautions that you need to take care of to keep your eye safe. Some of the simple ones are:

  • Use eye drops and other medications on time
  • Keep your surroundings clean and dust-free
  • Make sure nothing goes into your eyes like shampoo, water etc
  • Don’t drive or do strenuous activities

Apart from these, there might be some precautions you need to take according to the condition of your eyes and the type of surgery you went through. So, make a note of the things that you need to do to ensure your surgery is successful. 

How long will I take to recover from the surgery?

In most cases, complete recovery from the surgery takes around a month. You’ll feel most of the soreness and discomfort gone in a couple of days. 

However, check with your doctor how much time you will take to recover. There might be a few things that might help you recover faster like diet, specific medications etc. Make sure you ask the doctor what will help you recover fast after the surgery. 

Those are the questions that you shouldn’t miss asking your doctor before cataract surgery

At Ayu Health, you are sure to have all your questions answered and more. The doctors at Ayu Health have extensive experience in both types of cataract surgeries using different types of lenses. Having a cataract surgery at an Ayu Health means choosing the best in healthcare for yourself. Contact Ayu Health for more information on cataract surgeries. 

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