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Fistula- 3 reasons why you should address it immediately!


An anal fistula is like a small tube that runs from inside the anus to the skin surrounding the anus. Usually, this happens when there is an infection. The infection causes pus and fluid to accumulate. A fistula is a fix that your body makes to drain the excess fluid out. 

Symptoms of an Anal Fistula

If you have a fistula, you’ll experience symptoms that you won’t be able to ignore. The most common symptoms are:

  • Pain and swelling around the anus
  • Painful while passing stools
  • Foul smelling pus draining from the anus

Why do you need to get it treated urgently?

Apart from the discomfort a fistula causes, there are some alarming reasons why you should not delay getting treatment for the fistula. 

Reason #1:

Fistulas don’t heal on their own. In fact, they become more chronic with time. As time passes, the fistula might also turn into cancer

Reason #2:

An untreated fistula can lead to bowel incontinence. This is definitely a more embarrassing problem compared to the actual fistula, right? 

Worse, if you get surgery to treat a fistula at a later stage, the fistula might go away but, the bowel incontinence might continue to haunt you. Also, a chronic fistula might keep recurring even after surgery leading to more pain as well as delay in the wound healing process. 

Reason #3:

You know that a fistula is caused by an infection. The danger of having an infection is that it can turn bacterial if left untreated. Your body reacts to bacterial infection by triggering your immune system to fight it. Sometimes, the immune system overreacts to the infection and sends chemicals related to the immune system throughout the body. This condition is called sepsis.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition. It can cause something called septic shock. As high as one in three patients having a septic shock die. 

We are sure you realise how a simple problem can turn into something that can lead to a scary death. 

Simply walk into one of Ayu Health’s hospitals, consult a doctor who will suggest just the right treatment for your fistula and walk away happy! It is just as simple as it sounds. No complications or embarrassing situations after that. It’s a promise! 

Ayu Health is a network of high-quality hospitals offering healthcare at affordable prices. Ayu Health provides various types of treatments for Anal Fistula. To book a consultation, call us on +91-6366 100 800 or visit our website.

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