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Why you shouldn’t delay an angioplasty

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If you are suffering from heart disorders like shortness of breath, chest pain and looking to get angioplasty treatment but are hesitating to get it, then this article is for you.

Let’s get an in-depth overview of Angioplasty and its benefits.

What is Angioplasty?

It is a procedure of treating a blocked artery due to the accumulation of cholesterol and other materials called Plaque. The artery is responsible to carry blood and oxygen to the heart. The disease is known as Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

Cardiologists use a hollow flexible tube known as Catheter. It is used to reopen the arteries by blowing a balloon at the end of the Catheter.

The procedure is very effective and may carry some risks with it which you will find out as you read on. Moreover, it is a safe replacement for open surgeries for the treatment of CAD.

Reasons to get Angioplasty treatment

  1. Tried medications, but didn’t work
    A lot of people gets successfully treated and cured with the help of proper medications and following a nutrition-rich diet. Sometimes drugs do not heal the disorders. If that is the case with you, then you should get angioplasty treatment to avail instant relief from the throes. So, it’s preferable to get angioplasty treatment as soon as possible.
  1. Less damage to heart muscles
    When the blood doesn’t reach the heart, it affects the contraction of muscles and improper functioning of the heart which can lead to heart blockage. Angioplasty will lead to the proper blood flow by opening the clogged arteries and subsequently will truncate the risks of potential heart disorders.

    You can prevent many diseases with a single treatment. So, If you have detected that you have a CAD, you should get Angioplasty to diminish the risk of heart disorders.
  1. Relieves chest pain and prevents shortness of breath
    Shortness of breath is worse than a nightmare for everyone. It happens for many reasons like respiratory problems, artery diseases, and heart disorders. It is also proven to be a successful treatment of chest pain (Angina). 

    Getting Angioplasty treatment can be salutary and will prevent other diseases from coming along. If your cardiologist suggests you undergo an Angioplasty treatment. You must get treated at the earliest as it can help you to live a normal life back again.
  1. Prevents the odds of open-heart bypass surgery
    The name itself sounds scary. In surgery, your life could be on stakes, and the risks are magnificent if you are older than 40 years. Angioplasty is considered as a replacement for surgeries only if a patient has a heart blockage level up to second-degree.

    However, if you detect symptoms earlier and are aware that you have a CAD, getting angioplasty can diminish the odds of open-heart bypass surgery. The surgery is considered very risky and costly when compared to angioplasty.

In a nutshell, angioplasty is safe, effective and affordable. It will help if you get treated early on to prevent any other lethal disorder. You should also consult with a cardiologist before making any decision as there are many risks involved too.

If you are experiencing any of the disorders mentioned above, then you should immediately consult a cardiologist for Angioplasty treatment. 

How can we help?

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