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Is Weight Loss Surgery Effective?

Woman standing on a weighing scale to check her weight after weight loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery helps you lose weight and gives you a chance to be a healthier person. So, will you be magically thin immediately after the surgery?

Well, no. The actual surgery is just one piece of the pie. The rest depends on how well you take care of yourself after the surgery.

To do’s for an effective weight loss results

Here are the most important points you need to ensure:

  • Eating a balanced diet

The success of the surgery for weight loss depends on what you eat and how much of it you eat. Including a healthy balance of fibre, good fats, fresh fruits and vegetables go a long way in recovering from the surgery as well as staying fit. Drinking at least 3 litres of water keeps your body hydrated and helps in good digestion. 

Along with this, eating small meals at frequent intervals is important as your stomach won’t be able to hold too much food. So, to maintain your energy, you should eat more frequently. 

  • Regular Exercise

After you recover from the surgery, the doctor will advise you to keep an active lifestyle. Just moving around through the day will not be enough. Having a proper exercise routine ensures that all the muscles are active and don’t become stiff. Regular exercising helps in keeping away joint pains like back, hip and knee pain which are synonymous with obesity. 

Exercise also helps in increasing your metabolism which will help your body function well. 

  • Taking medications on time

You might have to continue taking medications for health issues like hypertension, diabetes etc which you were suffering from before the surgery. There will also be pain medications etc prescribed immediately after surgery to help you recover well. 

Adhering to a strict timetable and taking medications on time will help you get back up on your feet faster and they’ll also help you avoid any other health complications which might crop up after the surgery.

  • Avoiding smoking and consuming alcohol

Smoking and consuming alcohol affect your health badly. They work against your weight loss goals and might create complications.

Some studies show that these habits could become real addictions after the surgery which might turn out to be very dangerous. Keeping away from these give you a better chance for complete weight loss. 

  • Sleeping well

Sleep is a great way to recharge your body. Weight loss is a tough task and getting some rest and sleep helps in maintaining the right weight. Inadequate sleep is very often connected to weight gain. 

Good sleeping habits like going to bed early, keeping stress away and avoiding caffeine at night are ways you can ensure you are getting proper sleep. 

  • Being happy!

Recovering from your surgery and maintaining god health after, depends on your mental state as well. If you keep yourself active, energetic and full of positive thoughts, it will enhance the good effects that the weight loss surgery has brought about. 

Being mentally fit will also keep you motivated to do more and ensure you don’t go back to your unhealthy habits. 

Considering that you adhere to all the good health habits mentioned above, depending on the type of the surgery, the health complications and lifestyle, you will be able to lose almost 90% of excess body fat over a period of 6 months to two years.

Clinical studies show that most people lose weight rapidly and continue to do so until 18 to 24 months after the procedure. More importantly, they maintain their target weight lifelong! Bariatric surgery comes with numerous health benefits as the person loses an ideal amount of weight and gets lean.

To have such amazing results you need a great support squad at your side- your doctors, dietician, physiotherapist/ exercise trainer, psychologist, all need to give you that extra push that you might need sometimes. 

Ayu Health has expert doctors with experienced teams to handle the most complicated of bariatric surgeries for weight loss. Come to Ayu Health and you can be assured that your weight loss surgery is successful not just in the short term but in the long term as well. 

To know more about Bariatric Surgery atAyu Health, call us on 08069489584 or visit https://ayu.health/bangalore/surgery/bariatric-surgery-35.We have an expert oncologist with over 15 years of experience who delivers seamless care to patients.

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