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Choosing the right General Surgeon for your treatment

Choosing a general surgeon is quite an overwhelming task as you put your health in somebody’s hand with the hope that everything goes well. 

But to get comfort with any surgeon, there are specific parameters that help you make the right selection of the general surgeon paving the way to a healthier lifestyle and faster recovery.

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Keep reading to know which factors and steps can help you make the right selection of the general surgeons.

How to research for the right general surgeon?

  • Thorough research about surgeons

Start with enlisting all the general surgeons nearby so that you can select the one who stands out on your checklist. Try to have a comprehensive understanding of surgery so that you come up with every and any question during your consultation with the surgeon.

Your prime care doctor and the online portals can help with getting your list prepared, and then you need to make a calculative decision of selecting the right surgeon.

Even though your physician might have referred you to a specific surgeon, it’s always useful to get a second opinion from another surgeon. 

  • Start with referrals and patient testimonials 

Referrals are an excellent way to start your selection process. Start seeking referrals and patient testimonials from your primary care doctor, friends, relatives about the enlisted surgeons to cut short them for further screening.

Hearing about the experience of other patients who have been operated upon by the doctor is one of the best ways to get confidence in the surgeon. Good surgeons often encourage patients to speak with their existing patients.

Some hospitals also organize camps / interactive sessions which involve both the surgeon and recovered patients.

You can count in the online ratings and reviews to simplify your selection process. 

  • Evaluate their experience

Success stories can be delusional sometimes, but what helps in evaluating the surgeon is the accuracy of diagnosis and suggestion of well-thought and tailored treatment plan depending on your condition.

Try to get insights by asking questions regarding your health issue and recovery from the surgeon. 

  • Surgical certification and credentials

You need to gain an insight into certifications, credentials, education, and expertise of the surgeon.  You need to know about the speciality of the surgeon, and this includes knowing about their education, certification, and their history with surgeries. Years of experience, research publications, universities they have graduated from are all strong indicators of expertise. 

  • Hospital’s information 

After you are done getting crisp information about the surgeon’s experience and skills, you should evaluate the hospital where they work. 

The evaluation includes the examination of the hospital’s infrastructure, technology, instrumentation, dedicated laboratories, well-equipped operation theatres, and environmental control features.

Hospitals with an excellence of performing laser surgeries and well equipped with the modern laser technology should be preferred. 

Accreditation by NABH, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, is a good sign in terms of evaluating all the parameters listed above.

You need to pay close attention to the little details that can hinder the treatment process if not considered.

  • Cost of treatment/ Insurance coverage

Surgeries have often been considered quite expensive, and people usually avoid it because of the medical expenses that are accompanied with it. So, it’s critical to always check medical expenses or surgery costs to get the treatment. If you have a health insurance policy, you want to make sure about what is covered and to what extent. As much as possible, choose a network hospital to avail of cashless hospitalization.

To enjoy several health benefits and reclaim your health by not spending much from your pocket, include this parameter in your checklist as well. 

A word from Ayu Health

Ayu Health is India’s most trusted network of hospitals. Our general surgeons have an average experience of 10-15 years and have been trained at India’s premier institutes. Most have significant academic and global experience. 

Ayu Health offer all advanced general surgery procedures. Be it laser surgeries for anorectal diseases or laparoscopic procedures for hernia or gallstones, Ayu Health are equipped with the latest technology.

We not only have a skilful doctor’s team but also carry mandatory certifications from the government authorities. NABH, India’s premier hospital accreditation authority, recognizes all the AyuHealth hospitals.

Also, our fixed-price policy and complete cashless insurance coverage ensuring you do not have to worry about a rising medical bill.  

If you are looking for a leading surgeon and doctor who can treat and perform effective surgery and suggest the best possible treatment for your health issue in India, you can call +91 – 6366 100 800 or visit us at https://ayu.health/bangalore/.  We have an expert oncologist with over 15 years of experience who delivers seamless care to patients.

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