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Can Constipation Cause Chest Pain? What’s The Link

Can Constipation Cause Chest Pain

Chest pain is a condition that has many causes, such as lung issues, heart problems, and gastrointestinal complications.

A problem that’s often linked with chest pain is constipation. Are the two linked, or do they only seem to occur together by chance?

In this article, we’ll answer whether constipation can cause chest pain and explain the link between constipation and chest pain. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about these two conditions occurring together.


Let’s dive right in.

Can Constipation Really Be a Cause of Chest Pain?

Yes, constipation can really be a cause of chest pain. While the two conditions may seem unrelated, research shows that constipation and chest pain are linked.

Constipation occurs when your stool becomes hard, making it difficult to pass. This results in infrequent and uncomfortable bowel movements.

Chest pain from constipation is a result of gas and pressure build-up in the gastrointestinal tract. This pressure moves up to the chest area, causing pain and discomfort.

Constipation may also cause chest pain by triggering acid reflux (acidity). This can cause a burning sensation in the chest called heartburn, which is commonly mistaken for heart pain.

Keep in mind your chest pain could be a result of other conditions, so it’s vital to see a doctor in any case.

Is My Heart Pain Linked to Constipation?

Yes, your heart pain could be linked to constipation. Research shows that changes to your intestinal microbiota (microorganisms) because of constipation can induce heart-related conditions like atherosclerosis, a rise in blood pressure, and other cardiovascular problems. The chances of constipation can increase with age, and it’s often coupled with cardiovascular risk factors.

However, your heart pain and constipation needn’t always necessarily be linked. The former could be a result of something else.

In either case, we always recommend seeing a doctor as soon as possible if you experience any sort of heart pain.

The Relationship Between Constipation and Shortness of Breath

In some cases, constipation could lead to shortness of breath. The build-up of gas and pressure in your gastrointestinal tract can cause pressure and discomfort in your diaphragm, making it challenging to breathe normally.

The strain from trying to pass a hard stool can lead to shortness of breath in some people.

However, shortness of breath needn’t necessarily be a side effect of constipation just because these conditions occur together. Your shortness of breath could be a result of other health complications.

So, if you experience shortness of breath, regardless of constipation, see a doctor immediately.


Can Bowel Problems Cause Chest Pain?

Yes, bowel problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can cause pain in your chest, back, and jaw.

Can Constipation Cause Chest Pain and Shortness of Breath?

Yes, constipation can cause chest pain and shortness of breath. Any condition that leads to the build-up of air or food in your gastrointestinal tract can cause bloating and shortness of breath.

Can Heart Pain Be Caused by Constipation?

Yes, heart pain can be caused by constipation. Constipation may induce certain cardiovascular conditions, which could cause heart pain. However, chest pain from constipation occurs near the heart, so, in some cases, people may confuse it with heart pain.

Can Constipation Cause Back or Chest Pain?

Constipation can cause both back and chest pain. Constipation swells your intestine with retained faecal matter, which can lead to back pain. It also causes gas and pressure build-up in the abdomen that travels up the chest, leading to chest pain.

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Seek the Best Medical Care for Chest Pain and Constipation

Constipation can cause chest pain in some cases, but they aren’t always linked. Whatever the case, we highly recommend seeking professional medical attention in the event you suffer from any chest pain.

A proper diagnosis and treatment can help alleviate your chest pain and pave the road to better health.

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