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A Closer Look at Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions

Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions

Pelvic floor problems are discussed as common issues among women. But did you know that pelvic floor problems occur in men too? Not taking care of the pelvic floor can result in simple issues such as frequent urination to complex issues such a pelvic organ prolapse. 

Pelvic floor muscles are important muscles that support the bladder and bowels. Keeping the pelvic floor muscles strong are important for sexual health as well as to keep the urinary system in perfect condition.

Some of the common symptoms of a weak pelvic floor are:

  • Pelvic pain that ranges from low intensity to chronic pain
  • Incontinence
  • Pain during or after sexual intercourse
  • Difficulty in maintaining erection
  • Urine leakage during sexual intercourse
  • Frequent urge to urinate

Who is at a risk of a weak pelvic floor 

Generally, people who do one or more of the below activities frequently are at a risk of having a weak pelvic floor more often than not: 

  • who regularly lift heavy weights (e.g. at the gym or as part of your job)
  • who have frequent cough or sneeze
  • who are obese or have a Body Mass Index greater than 25
  • who have had trauma to the pelvis area (e.g. a fall, pelvic radiotherapy)
  • who have a history of back pain.
  • people following a sedentary life style
  • who have a history of recurrent urinary tract infections

What can be done to strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles?

The easiest and one of the most common ways to strengthen pelvic floor muscles are through specific exercises called kegels

This involves tightening the pelvic floor muscles and then releasing them. Though these are low intensity exercises, they are very beneficial and when done frequently(at least thrice a day) for a long period of time, they yield excellent results.

However, if the pelvic floor is too weak, it needs to be examined and a proper personalised plan needs to be developed based on the person’s requirements and specific issues. Such a process is called pelvic floor rehabilitation program. 

In this program, considering all the aspects of a patient, the symptoms, problems and the condition of the muscles, rehabilitation principles like muscle floor retraining, biofeedback and electrical stimulation etc are used to bring them back to strength. This process/program is also called pelvic gym. 

Benefits of Pelvic Gym/Pelvic Rehabilitation

Patients have experienced significant improvement in bladder control, sexual functions as well as discomfort/pain in the pelvic area.

Improved sexual function and bladder control leads to patients adapting a fuller and more confident lifestyle. 

Where can you consult for a pelvic rehabilitation program?

At Ayu Health you can consult top doctors who practice in hospitals equipped with world class cutting edge technology that brings the best of healthcare to you. The personalised pelvic rehabilitation program has seen tremendous success with patients and is one of the top opted procedures for leading a healthy life. Call 636-610-0800 to book an appointment or to know more. 

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