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10 Signs and symptoms of a Heart Attack

There is a big misconception that chest pain is the only symptom of a heart attack. According to the past medical cases, it is evident that the symptoms depend on various factors including, age, overall health, diet, etc.

According to the report of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation India 2017, the highest no. of deaths in India is due to Cardiovascular diseases. It is caused due to unhealthy diet, lifestyle, and lack of awareness of the symptoms.

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Signs and symptoms of Heart Attack

Here are ten symptoms that will help you to save your life by taking relevant actions before a heart attack.

  1. Chest Discomfort

Chest discomfort is the most common type of symptom of a heart attack. However, it can also arise due to some other reasons. Chest discomfort/pain occurs when your heart doesn’t get enough blood for proper functioning. 

You can feel like your chest is burning, or you may feel like someone has put a 10 kg dumbbell on your chest. Irrespective of the sensation, if you are feeling any discomfort in your chest, you must rush to the hospital.

  1. Shortness of breath

This symptom is a little saturated. Shortness in breathing can be caused due to restricted blood flow in the coronary arteries. Skipping of electric heart signals, congenital disease, and many others. 

Shortness of breath clearly indicates the shortage of oxygen, and if this is the case with you, then you should consult a cardiologist for treatment.

  1. Pain in the arm, neck or jaw

Pain in the left arm is a common symptom of a heart attack. This phenomenon is also known as a referred pain. Women are more likely to feel jaw pain, which may be manifested as a bad toothache.

These types of pains need not be a symptom of a heart attack, but a sudden and unusual pain is a pretty robust factor of a potential heart attack.

  1. Irregular heartbeats

Irregular heartbeats (palpitations) can be a sign of a heart attack. If your heart is skipping or changing the rhythm of the beat, it is pretty concerning. Your body relies on a consistent hit for proper functioning. 

You can feel uneasiness angst during palpitations. Women are more likely to feel this symptom. This should not be ignored, and you must rush to a hospital for treatment.

  1. Constant sweating

Sweating more than normal is a sign of a heart attack. Your heart exerts more effort to pump blood through the clogged arteries, which makes us sweat. Our body sweats to keep the body temperature down during the process. 

Additionally, if you are not able to sleep during nights just because of sweating, this indicates you will have a heart attack. Moreover, sweating is a symptom much recognized in women and are much prone to it.

  1. Constant coughing

Sometimes people cough a white or slight pink mucus and sometimes cough out blood. Apparently, coughing originates from respiratory problems and lead to heart failure if not treated early. 

In many cases, doctors have seen wheezing as an accompanying disease with the cough. You must consult a doctor before any further complications.

  1. Lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting

These symptoms occur when you feel other symptoms. When other signs may not concern you, but if those signs come with nausea, vomiting, or lightheadedness, it is a clear symptom of a heart attack. 

Many people vomit as a major symptom of a heart attack. These symptoms can be caused due to some other trivial health issues, but you should never take them lightly.

  1. Swollen legs, feet and ankles.

Oedema (Swollen legs, feet, and ankle) is caused by excessive fluid being trapped in the tissues of the skin. It can be a side effect of medications or some other disease but accompanied by nausea or other symptoms, and this symptom depicts a potential heart attack. You must consult the doctor if you see this symptom affecting you.

  1. Fatigue

Easy tiredness and fatigue aren’t necessary but could be a symptom of a heart attack. But feeling run down can lead to a sign of much serious problem. Fatigueness is a major symptom of heart attack if you are not able to carry out daily activities or feel sudden tiredness and severe weakness.

  1. Indigestion

You may have eaten a big meal, and you are feeling heartburn, but it can also be a severe heart attack. Usually, during indigestion, many people feel sudden angina; this is a sign of a heart attack. 

Many cases don’t have sudden chest pain, but if it’s the case with you then you must call the ambulance and take your medications as suggested by your advisor.

These ten symptoms are always a significant sign of a heart attack. If you are suffering a heart attack, rest immediately and keep telling the person near you about how you are feeling. Also, try to take your medications while waiting for an ambulance or while someone drives you to the hospital.

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