Clinical Care at Ayu Health Hospitals

Clinical Care at Ayu Health Hospitals
Clinical Care at Ayu Health Hospitals

Do you wonder why everyone is so somber when it comes to talking about hospitals? Or why do people tend to delay going to a hospital or meeting a doctor?

One of the most commonly quoted reasons for this is ‘confusion’- Which hospital should I go to? Will I get the right treatment ? Whom can I trust?

‘Clinical care’ at Ayu Health Hospitals means ensuring that the treatment you get, is just right for you. So you know whom to trust when you have a medical need.

Our patients are the ultimate judge of whether the care they received was up to their expectations.Their opinions and comfort matter. Therefore, we focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of their medical conditions and diseases that meet the highest standards of clinical excellence.

Why is Clinical Care of great importance to us?

At Ayu Health Hospitals, our Clinical Excellence team is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our patients by providing top-notch medical care and maintaining open communication with all hospital departments.

What does Ayu Health do to maintain high-quality Clinical Care at our hospitals?

  • We only onboard hospitals after auditing them on 200+ parameters under NABH certification standards, as per the 5th edition, which we enforce through internal audits to guarantee adherence to high standards.

  • Our internal Quality team makes sure that our hospitals maintain the quality of healthcare professionals ie., of medical, nursing, support, and administrative personnel by conducting periodic staff training and awareness sessions.

  • We provide patients access to high - quality facilities and equipment with proper maintenance and upkeep of facilities and equipment.

  • We incorporate Clinical pathways with the latest research and best practices for patients to receive the most effective treatments available.

  • Our doctors are not incentivized for prescribing treatment options.They recommend only the best line of treatment autonomously to the patient.

  • We follow Patient - Centred Care which focuses on the individual needs and preferences of each patient.

Some assessments that we undertake at our hospitals

  • Patients' OPD/IPD/ICU/ER assessments, re-assessments, monitoring, and care plans

  • Pre Anaesthesia / Intraoperative / Postoperative assessments and monitoring

  • We check for the proper functioning of the care bundles below to avoid any risk to our patient’s health:

  • CAUTI(catheter Associated Urinary tract infection)

  • CLABSI(Central line - associated bloodstream infection)

  • SSI(Surgical Site Infection)

  • HAPU(hospital - acquired pressure ulcers)

  • DVT(Deep Vein Thrombosis)

  • VAP(Ventilator - associated Pneumonia)

  • Staff training like BLS / ACLS training.If not trained, we help the hospitals do that by arranging for the same sessions

  • Medication administration methods

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