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Advanced Cancer Care in chandigarh with top Oncologists

100% fixed price packages

100% fixed price packages

No Cost EMI & Insurance

No Cost EMI & Insurance

15+ year average doctor exp.

15+ year average doctor exp.

COVID-19 SAFE: Fully sanitized hospitals

COVID-19 SAFE: Fully sanitized hospitals

chandigarh's highest rated hospital chain

chandigarh's highest rated hospital chain


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Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer


Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

(Ductal and lobular carcinoma)

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

(Lung carcinoma)

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer


Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer


Cancer Care @ Ayu Health

  • World-class chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and other treatment facilities

  • 1000+ cancer procedures per year

  • NABH accredited hospitals and facilities

  • 100% patient and family support by Ayu Mitras

  • 15+ fully equipped hospitals

  • Over 90,000 happy customers

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245 people called our medical officers today


245 people called our medical officers today


  • Oncosurgery

  • Chemotherapy

  • Blood transfusion

  • Targeted therapy

  • Paracentesis

+5 more

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Frequently Asked Questions

What all does the fixed price package include?

The fixed price package typically covers all costs associated with the surgery. This typically includes:

  • Hospital admission charges

  • Surgery charges including surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees and OT charges

  • Standard pre-surgery pathology and radiology diagnostic tests

  • Hospital stay

  • Cost of drugs consumed during stay at hospital

Typical exclusions:

  • Cost of transportation to and from hospital

  • Room upgrades

  • Cost of implants

How does Ayu Health ensure good medical quality?

All Ayu Health hospitals are accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), India’s premier hospital accreditation system. Typically, only the top 1% hospitals in any city qualify. In addition, a dedicated Ayu Health Quality Audit team routinely monitors 100+ healthcare parameters. This means that Ayu Health hospitals have best in class infrastructure, medical staff, and clinical processes to ensure patients’ well-being.

Are Ayu Health hospitals accredited by NABH?

Yes, all Ayu Health hospitals are at-least entry level accredited by NABH. Upon your visit to any of our hospitals, please feel free to ask our team to show the latest certificate.

How is Ayu Health able to offer more affordable prices than other hospitals?

Ayu Health hospitals are typically 30-50% cheaper than other equivalent hospitals. It's time to debunk the myth that quality comes at higher prices - Ayu Health is on a mission to provide the highest quality healthcare at affordable prices.

The Ayu Health network enables significantly lower costs for its partner hospitals through the following mechanisms:

  • Better utilization - our hospitals operate at almost 50% higher utilization levels than the industry average. Since healthcare is a largely fixed cost business, better utilization results in lower cost of serving each patient.

  • Higher efficiency in operations through Ayu Health technology - Ayu Health’s proprietary technology (OPD digitization, patient data management, etc.) allows hospitals to provide a superior patient experience at lower costs.

  • Lower procurement costs - our hospitals procure drugs & consumables in bulk, bringing down a significant portion of expenses associated with each procedure

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