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Doctors in Chandigarh

If you're looking for medical professionals in Chandigarh, you'll find a wide range of specialists available.

The most popular types of doctors in Chandigarh vary depending on the healthcare needs of the majority of our patients.

For example, areas with a high ratio of senior citizens may have a higher demand for geriatric specialists, while areas with a large number of young families may have more pediatricians

Types of Doctors & Specialities in Chandigarh

There are different types of doctors that Ayu Health has available for different cities and Chandigarh is no exception. We have doctors for various specialties.

To get yourself treated for primary health concerns, routine checkups, diagnosis & consultation Ayu Health has got general practitioners in Chandigarh with a concentration in Panchkula, Industrial Area, Sector 33, Sector 8.

If you’re looking for specialist doctors in Chandigarh then we have got them. We have specialists for health concerns like cardiology, gastroenterology, Oncology, and more.

How to choose a Doctor in Chandigarh

Choosing a doctor in Chandigarh can be overwhelming, but in reality, you just need to consider only 2 major factors predominantly to help you make the right decision, ie.

  • Location: Consider the proximity of the doctor's office to your home or workplace for ease of access. The majority of Ayu Health Hospitals in the city are in Panchkula, Industrial Area, Sector 33, Sector 8 which are on an average in distance of 10KM from the centre of the Chandigarh. This makes Ayu Health Hospitals much more accessible for you.

  • Reviews: Read reviews from other patients to gauge the doctor's expertise, bedside manner, and overall satisfaction.

Consultation charges of Doctors in Chandigarh

The average consultation charges for doctors in Chandigarh range between ₹200-₹400.

However, prices may vary depending on the specialty, experience, and location of the hospital. It's always a good idea to check with the doctor's office or your insurance provider for more information about specific costs.

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