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COVID-19- Preparing for a Paediatrician Visit

Whether we like it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay, at least for a few more months. Visiting a paediatrician either for your baby’s vaccinations or because your child is unwell is definitely daunting task in this scenario. 

Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself and your baby safe from the virus while visiting the doctor. 

  1. Choose the right paediatrician

Make sure you visit a paediatrician who practices in a clinic or hospital which is frequently sanitized. It is also good to choose a doctor who only sees patients on a pre-booked appointment basis. This ensures that there are not many people around when you visit the clinic/hospital. 

  1. Book the very first appointment of the day

It’s a good idea to be the first patient which means that no one expect the doctor has been in that space for at least 7-8 hours. This greatly reduces the risk of exposure to the virus from a previous patient. 

  1. Wear mask, gloves 

Enough and more has been written and said about this. But this is something that can’t be skipped. Wearing and making your baby wear a good quality mask which covers the nose and mouth goes a long way to keep out the virus. Wearing disposable gloves adds another layer of security from exposure. 

  1. Sanitize!

Carry a sanitizer with you, even better, keep it hooked to your bag and use it often. Every time you touch a surface or come in contact with anything that might be contaminated, sanitize yourself and your baby. Be sure not to touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth.

  1. Make sure your baby is wearing a diaper or uses the washroom before the visit

Try to avoid visiting the washroom at the paediatrician’s clinic or hospital. Making your child use the washroom at home before the visit or keeping the child in a diaper is a safer option. 

  1. Bring your own sheet 

You might have to make your baby lie down or sit for the doctor to check him/her. Carrying a sheet with you and spreading it on the bed/chair before the doctor examines the child will keep your child safe. It would be even better if you can carry a disposable sheet and discard it immediately after the visit. This way, there is no chance for any sort of contact with the virus. 

  1. Pay using your phone

Most of the hospitals and clinics accept online or wallet-based payments. This is the best way to pay. Paying with cash which might involve exchange of notes can lead to exposure to the virus. There are chances of exposure even when you pay with a card. 

  1. Get an e-prescription

If your doctor can give you an e-prescription or online prescription, opt for it. This way, you don’t have to take any paper from the doctor. An online prescription can be accessible anytime and from any device. This can be easily used at the pharmacist to buy the medicines as well. 

We wish that your child is hale and hearty through these difficult times and doesn’t need to see a paediatrician. However, if your child really needs to meet a doctor, Ayu Health is the safest choice you can make. Ayu Health’s chain of hospitals maintain the highest levels of sanitization to ensure the safety of patients. The doctors as well as staff follow strict procedures to ensure zero exposure. 

With its cutting-edge technological offerings, Ayu Health also brings you easy online consultations with pre-booked appointments and online prescription access in case you need a follow up with the paediatrician after the visit. 

Visit our website or call us on 08069489584 to book an appointment.

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