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Dr. Benzeeta Pinto
Dr. Benzeeta Pinto

Dr. Benzeeta Pinto

MD Internal Medicine | DM Clinical Immunology And Rheumatology (PGIMER, Chandigarh)


15 years

 clinical experience

Survey no 45/2, ward. 150, Marathahalli - Sarjapur Rd, opposite Iblur, Ambalipura, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102  Ayu Health Super-speciality hospital - 1st Sector, HSR Layout

About Dr. Benzeeta Pinto

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  • MD Internal Medicine | DM Clinical Immunology And Rheumatology (PGIMER

  • Chandigarh)


  • MD Internal Medicine | DM Clinical Immunology And Rheumatology (PGIMER

  • Chandigarh)


  • Bactroban Prize in Dermatology (2005) for securing the highest marks in special examination in St. John’s Medical College. Mrs. Annamma Antony Athiparampil Prize (2007) for securing highest marks in General Medicine in 2006 in St. John’s Medical College. First place in a quiz on “War Against Sepsis” (2011) conducted by Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine in PGIMER

  • Chandigarh. Best Poster prize in Indian Rheumatology Association Conference (IRACON) 2019 for poster on H syndrome: a novel genodermatosis mimicking IgG4 related disease.

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  • Consultant - Immunology And Rheumatology

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