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Treatment for Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Blood-thinner medication to prevent bigger clots

  • Compression stockings to get control swelling

  • Surgical thrombectomy if the condition is severe

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What all does the fixed price package include?

The fixed price package typically covers all costs associated with the surgery. This typically includes:

  • Hospital admission charges

  • Surgery charges including surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees and OT charges

  • Standard pre-surgery pathology and radiology diagnostic tests

  • Hospital stay

  • Cost of drugs consumed during stay at hospital

Typical exclusions:

  • Cost of transportation to and from hospital

  • Room upgrades

  • Cost of implants

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)?

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a condition that occurs when there are blood clots in one or more veins located deep below the skin, especially in the lower limbs(Legs).

What causes deep vein thrombosis?

DVT is caused by a blockage in the vein. Some of the causes are injury or damage to the blood vessels resulting from an injury, limited movement after surgery, and staying inactive for a long time.

What are the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis?

Swelling of the legs, warmth in the affected area, pain or tenderness, discoloration of the skin, and swollen legs are the most common signs and symptoms of deep vein thrombosis.

How is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) diagnosed?

DVT is diagnosed by D-Dimer test, MR Venogram, Doppler, etc.

Can DVT go away without treatment?

Most of the time, DVT occurs in the legs. Often DVT might go away unnoticed and the veins get clear from the blockages. However, if pain and swelling persist, seeking medical opinion is better.

Can I take blood thinners for DVT?

It is not advised to take any medication by reaching out to a pharmacy without consulting a doctor. The doctor will prescribe medication and dosage based on your current health and blood parameters level condition.

Can we prevent DVT?

Basic lifestyle changes like regular walking, maintaining ideal body weight, managing blood pressure, stretching your legs after prolonged sitting can prevent the risk of DVT.

Can alone prevent blood clots?

Moving around or walking is good for your health. However, walking alone cannot prevent the formation of blood clots and conditions like DVT.

Can deep vein thrombosis reoccur?

A history of DVT can put you at risk of recurrence of the condition to some extent. However, the percentage of people at risk of DVT for the second time is very negligible.

What are the don’ts with deep vein thrombosis?

Those suffering from deep vein thrombosis should avoid sitting in the same place for long hours, avoid wearing tight clothing that restricts blood flow, quit smoking, and avoid playing contact sports that might increase your risk of bleeding while on blood thinners.

How is Ayu Health able to offer more affordable prices than other hospitals?

Ayu Health hospitals are typically 30-50% cheaper than other equivalent hospitals. It's time to debunk the myth that quality comes at higher prices - Ayu Health is on a mission to provide the highest quality healthcare at affordable prices.

The Ayu Health network enables significantly lower costs for its partner hospitals through the following mechanisms:

  • Better utilization - our hospitals operate at almost 50% higher utilization levels than the industry average. Since healthcare is a largely fixed cost business, better utilization results in lower cost of serving each patient.

  • Higher efficiency in operations through Ayu Health technology - Ayu Health’s proprietary technology (OPD digitization, patient data management, etc.) allows hospitals to provide a superior patient experience at lower costs.

  • Lower procurement costs - our hospitals procure drugs & consumables in bulk, bringing down a significant portion of expenses associated with each procedure

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