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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome involves numbness and pain in your palm which might travel up to your shoulder. In severe cases, surgery is necessary which lasts just 10 minutes and recovery from surgery takes just a day’s time. 

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At Ayu Health, prices for all surgical procedures are fixed before admission. No hidden charges, no surprises, no “out of pocket” expenses. We want you to focus on getting better, not worry about a rising bill!

Ayu HealthOther Hospitals
Hospital Admission / Registration ChargeYesNo
Operation Theater ChargesYesYes
Surgery Charges (includes surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees)YesYes
All pre-surgery testsYesNo
Hospital Stay beyond standard durationYesNo
Drugs consumed during hospital stayYesYes
Zero additional charges at time of dischargeYesNo

High Quality with the Best Doctors and Technology

All Ayu Health hospitals are accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Healthcare (NABH), India’s premier hospital accreditation system. In addition, a dedicated Ayu Health Quality Audit team routinely monitors 100+ healthcare parameters.

Ayu Health hospitals adopt the latest technology in each specialty to ensure patients recover fast with minimum chances of relapse / recurrence. This is further enhanced by highly qualified and experienced doctors, most of whom are also academic leaders within their area of expertise.

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Ayu Health hospitals offer surgical and non-surgical procedures at fixed price packages that cost up to 30-50% lower than other equivalent hospitals. Patients can choose an array of payment options across debit / credit cards, net banking, UPI and cash. We also provide cardless 0% EMI facility.

Complete Insurance Support

Our hospitals typically accept all major insurance schemes, public or private, as well as major state / central government schemes. Cashless process is offered wherever applicable. Your dedicated Ayu Mitra coordinates with the hospital teams to ensure all of your paperwork is in order and you don't need to worry about the claim process.

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Still have questions on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ?

What all does the fixed price package include?

The fixed price package typically covers all costs associated with the surgery. This typically includes:

  • Hospital admission charges

  • Surgery charges including surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees and OT charges

  • Standard pre-surgery pathology and radiology diagnostic tests

  • Hospital stay

  • Cost of drugs consumed during stay at hospital

Typical exclusions:

  • Cost of transportation to and from hospital

  • Room upgrades

  • Cost of implants

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a rather uncomplicated medical condition. People having this condition experience numbness, pain or tingling sensation in the hand and arm. This happens when a major nerve called the median nerve in the hand is compressed.

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel usually happens due to overuse of the hand using similar movements. For example, it is more common among musicians, carpenters etc. It is more common amongst women.

Is it true that carpel tunnel syndrome gets worse at night?

Yes, this is true. The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome like pain, numbness and tingling in the hand worsen at night.

How is it diagnosed?

Usually, a simple physical examination of your hands and comparing the strengths of both hands is enough to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome.To understand the problem further, the doctor might suggest imaging tests such as ultrasound, Xray or even MRI.

What are the treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome in the early stages can be treated by simple remedies like taking more rest, applying ice compression.Using a splint or taking anti-inflammatory medication also helps in relieving the symptoms.However, if the symptoms are very severe, it is best to undergo a simple surgery.

How is endoscopic surgery done for carpal tunnel syndrome?

In this procedure, an endoscope which is a thin tube with a camera is used to perform the surgery. The surgery is performed referring to the image that the camera shows on a screen.

Flow of the procedure:

  • Patient is given general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia for the procedure

  • A small incision is made to insert the endoscope

  • Observing the image on the screen from the camera, a ligament is cut to release pressure from the median nerve

  • The incision is stitched after the procedure is done

What are the risks involved in endoscopic treatment?

There are very less complications through this treatment. Some of the risks may be:

  • Anaesthesia risks

  • Bleeding

  • Nerve injury

  • Injury to nearby blood vessels

  • Infection

How is open surgery done for carpal tunnel syndrome?

This procedure involves opening up the wrist to expose the ligaments and median nerve. Due to the large incision, the healing time is longer.

Flow of the procedure:

  • Patient is given general anaesthesia for the procedure

  • A large 2-inch incision is made at the wrist

  • The ligament putting pressure on the median nerve is cut

  • The incision is stitched up and thick bandages are put on the wrist

What is the recovery time for open surgery?

It takes 1- 2 weeks to recover from open surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are the risks involved in the treatment?

The procedure involves a large incision. So, some of the risks of this surgery may be:

  • Anaesthesia risks

  • Bleeding

  • Nerve injury

  • Injury to nearby blood vessels

  • Infection

Other than surgery, how can carpal tunnel syndrome be treated?

Applying a cold or warm compress to the affected hand usually relieves the symptoms. Wearing a hand splint also helps in most cases. If the pain is more, you can also take some anti-inflammatory medicines.

What care should I take after carpal tunnel surgery?

Overusing the hand for a few months after the surgery is not advisable. Applying ice pack to the hand also helps in faster recovery. Wearing a wrist brace or hand splint also helps.

How long does it take to recover from carpal tunnel surgery?

You will have a heavy bandage from the surgery which will be removed after about 2 weeks. However, complete recovery will take about 6 weeks.

Will the carpal tunnel surgery be painful?

During the surgery, you will not feel any pain. But you might feel some pain or numbness at the incision in the wrist. If it’s too bad, the doctor might give you pain medication. If you’ve had an open surgery, it might be more painful as the incision is bigger in this case.

What happens if I ignore worsening symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Ignoring symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may lead to severe pain which extends up to the shoulder, numbness, losing control over the hand and even wasting of the hand after which you will not be able to move the hand.

How long does the carpal tunnel surgery take?

You’ll be surprised to know that it’s a rather uncomplicated surgery and takes just 10 minutes to finish! You can even get it done as an outpatient procedure and be home on the same day.

Is arthritis the same as carpal tunnel syndrome?

No, the two are very different. Arthritis is caused by wear and tear of joints. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve. You should seek help from a doctor if you have any of these two issues.

Can carpal tunnel syndrome pain be resolved by acupuncture?

Acupuncture might provide temporary relief to carpal tunnel pain. However, if you want permanent relief, visiting a doctor and following his advice is recommended.

Can both the hands be affected by carpal tunnel syndrome at the same time?

This is a possibility. It might happen or might not.

How is Ayu Health able to offer more affordable prices than other hospitals?

Ayu Health hospitals are typically 30-50% cheaper than other equivalent hospitals. It's time to debunk the myth that quality comes at higher prices - Ayu Health is on a mission to provide the highest quality healthcare at affordable prices.

The Ayu Health network enables significantly lower costs for its partner hospitals through the following mechanisms:

  • Better utilization - our hospitals operate at almost 50% higher utilization levels than the industry average. Since healthcare is a largely fixed cost business, better utilization results in lower cost of serving each patient.

  • Higher efficiency in operations through Ayu Health technology - Ayu Health’s proprietary technology (OPD digitization, patient data management, etc.) allows hospitals to provide a superior patient experience at lower costs.

  • Lower procurement costs - our hospitals procure drugs & consumables in bulk, bringing down a significant portion of expenses associated with each procedure

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